Saturday, April 2, 2011

April Fools

I know this post is a day late, but had to post it. As you know yesterday was April Fool's Day. Were you able to trick anyone? Well I was lucky, I got two in a row. I must be getting good at this whole lying thing. NOT!!!! Early in the mornings, I always have a challenge trying to get Katie out of bed and ready for school. Not yesterday. I went in her room like always, turned on the light. I told her that I just saw the Easter bunny outside her bedroom window. If she wanted to see him, she had better get up and look. HAHA! Of course, I had to explain April Fools to her. I told her that was the only day she could tell fibs, but she had to say "April Fools!" In order for it to count. She liked that idea. So we got our little heads together to come up with a really good April Fools for daddy. For the past couple months, we've been trying to get rid of another armadillo that visits our yard every now and then. I had the perfect plan. As soon as Doug got out of the bathroom, I told him that the armadillo was in our front yard. It didn't take too long before here he came down the hallway with his pellet gun. He was ready. He asked me where it was and to let him know if it runs. "It's still there right by my bushes," I told him. I just knew Katie was going to give us away with her sneakering. Nope, he was falling for our April Fools. All three of us (Katie, Colton and myself) were looking out the window, smiling or giggling, waiting for Doug to look at us. When he couldn't find the pest, he looked at us in the window. Katie and I both hollered out "APRIL FOOLS DAD!!" It was rich to see his face. He had fallen for our trick. He even told us that was a good one because he had forgot about April Fools Day.

Since we didn't have family night last night, we decided to have family day today. Katie needed new dress shoes and I had to punish myself once again, trying to find that dress for Easter and Decoration Day. I loath trying on dresses or should I say trying to find a dress that covers up all my parts that doesn't need to be showing. Yeah. Katie announced that she would like to go to the mall. I have to say that she did fairly well with me looking for dresses. I did find two that didn't look too grotesque on me. This may be the first year, I've ever worn lavender for Easter. Just when I've given up on Katie's shoes, we walked by Stride Rite. Doug told me to go and see what they might have available.  They were having a sale that when you buy the first pair, you get the second pair for half off. Katie is a bit of a shoe hound and can wear a pair out in nothing flat, I thought I would check it out. Well, I found the perfect pair of white dress shoes in her size and she fell in love with a pair of funky pink shoes that reminded me of the Twinkle Toes. They had hearts, peace signs and most importantly, they lit up. Of course, you have to have the charms to hang all over them. She picked out two pink kitty cat charms. I couldn't believe that she wears a size 11 already. The sales clerk said she had plenty of room to grow in the shoes. By the end of the day, we were dragging. Katie didn't want to stop shopping, but we were all exhausted.   On the way home, we stopped at Target, grabbed a snack and headed home. 

By the way, I'm working on a new craft for the Easter holiday.  Stay posted.  :)

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Robin Lynn said...

Hello! I met your blog through my niece, Michelle - came to visit and found your home cozy, welcoming and fun! loved your note on April's Fool - it's been awhile since my kids were little ones but spring time was so much fun! Come visit me at Road to Abundance!