Saturday, April 16, 2011

Jungle Safari and School Easter Egg Hunt

My goodness, I am such a slacker. I checked over to see when the last time I've posted and it's been a very long time. I hope you haven't given up on me and decided not to follow me any more. I'm sorry.

I've got lots to post, so hopefully I'll have something new posted every day this week.

It's Spring Break Week - YAY!!!!

I love having my babies home with me and spending time with them. I know Colton's really going to enjoy having his big sister home all day this week. I just hope Katie doesn't loose her patience with him too early in the week and end up staying in her room. LOL! I don't have any definite plans for every day this week, but we'll just plan it as each day comes. It seems as if whenever I plan something, fate takes over and decides differently.

Last week, we took the kids to the Jungle Safari that was advertised in the paper. It was so hot that day, I believe the high was in the 80s. I felt bad for all the animals in their cages. Of course, Doug kept assuring me that they were alright. It just kills me to see wild animals in such small cages and not able to rome around more freely. I think Katie felt the same way. She was glad to see the different animals in person, but she didn't want to do anything more than just look at them. They had some farm animals that the kids could pet, but Katie didn't feel like it. They had their camel and ponies there for rides, but nope she wouldn't have it. I guess this was good for me and her daddy because the rides cost money. Instead, we went to Walmart. Here are a few pictures:

Please note that if you can't see these pictures as any, you can click on the link below the slideshow and it will take you to one of my photo links to view the photos.

Last Friday was Easter Egg Hunt/Party at Katie's school. Unfortunately, the bad storms rolled in much earlier than first thought. Because of all the rain and thunderstorms, each class had to make other arrangements as to how they would do their egg hunt/party. I over heard that a couple of classes were hiding eggs in the school cafeteria, some were hunting in the gym and others were doing their own egg hunts inside their classroom. I liked Mrs. M's game. She piled all the eggs in the middle of "the rug" and assigned each student a number. If she called out your number, that child/children were to pick out an egg and put in their bucket. After the last students picked up their egg, you went straight to your desk for your Easter snack and opened up your Easter eggs. Us parents, fixed all the plates for the children and even gave each child a little gift basket filled with all sorts of goodies. I don't believe I got the first picture with Katie smiling, she was too preoccupied. LOL!

With the storms headed our way, I went ahead, checked Katie out of school after the party and we soon headed to my in-laws. The storms here had a lot of wind, but nothing like the southern counties. Tuscaloosa area got pounded with tornadoes. While watching the local weather, they were talking to one of their weather spotters, which had a camera live and just so happen that we ended up watching a tornado form during the report. It was something to watch it form, disappear and then form once again. I hope I never get the opportunity to see one form other than on the television. It's April, so we're expected to see more storms by the end of the week. Yay (not really). It's amazing, as soon as the temperature begin to warm up, a front comes through and cools things down just so the temps can creep back up in the next few days. It's like a see-saw (up and down).


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