Saturday, August 27, 2011

A Good Day All Together

Doug's parents were so sweet to have the kids spend the night last night. The kids were so ready to go with them, they almost forgot to tell us "bye". LOL!  What do we do, while they are gone?  {Hmm}

We haven't seen Whitney in several weeks and I've heard that she's really gotten big, so we decided to go visit her and Zayne. She's at the nesting stage. Bless her heart. She wants so much done, but can only do so much. Her mom, Maryann, has been coming over and helping her get the nursery ready. I think they did such a good job painting and decorating. I took my camera, but it's a small room and Whitney was tired. So, no pictures to show you. I will tell you that they painted in block style on the wall with a shade of green (I would say close to a sage color), a coffee brown and ivory colors. Beings that her nursery theme will be jungle, it is precious. She is so excited about her baby shower tomorrow. She told me, they will get all the last minute stuff soon after the shower and then they should be ready for baby.  She wanted to get her suitcase packed, but she only got as far as getting the suitcase out of the closet. Poor thing, she is all baby and so darn cute. Us girls spent most of our visit comparing pregnancy notes and experiences. I made sure and told her to keep my number close by, for her to call me when things get crazy. She promised me that she would. Oh, how I remember those days (best forgotten).

I'm set on go tomorrow for the baby shower. Whitney requested to have one of her favorites at the shower, Spinach Dip. HERE  is my Spinach Dip recipe, if you ever need a good one.  I've had great reviews on this dip, so I hope you enjoy it.  Normally, I cut out the center of a round King's Hawaiian bread and set a small soup bowl down inside the loaf.  I cut up the pieces of bread and set around the cut out loaf for dipping.  I also offer a large bowl of Scoops chips beside the dip.  It is soo good.  We needed some more centerpieces for the guest tables, so I decorated my gift to Zayne and Whitney's baby into a centerpiece.  I just spoke to Maryann and I believe everything is coming together nicely.  Please stay tune for LOTS of photos from the baby shower of the year. . . 

This morning, Doug announced to me "we are going to Birmingham."  Well, I always love it when get to go off because I get to visit places that I haven't visited in quite some time.  If you remember, Susan and Leslie were telling me about their visit to "Garden Ridge" at Grant's Mill Station.  Doug was so sweet to take me there today.  I was one happy woman.  As you know, I'll be hosting Thanksgiving this year and I had a few ideas for decorating.  Well, I needed a few things to accomplish these decorating ideas.  Nope, I'm not going to tell right now.  You'll have to just wait.  {wink, wink}  Y'all this place is awesome.  They have a little bit of everything from seasonal decorating items, ceramic decor, outdoor living, furniture, linens, wall decor, kitchen, party items and much much more.  They have a lot of unique items as well, which is what I loved.  The prices were very reasonable and they also had several areas 50% off the sticker price.  WONDERFUL!  Their wooden arbors were on sale for $40, real nice.  I needed Living Room pillows for our sofa and loveseat.  I purchased 4 real nicely made pillows for $9.99 each.  I was tempted to get a couple of the extra large floor pillows for the kids.  They love to lay and play on pillows in the floor.  I really liked this place and hope to have to opportunity to go back again. 

Before heading home, we stopped off at one of our favorite restaurants, "The Cheesecake Factory" for lunch.  YUM!  Doug and I split a juicy cheeseburger, so we both could enjoy a delicious cheesecake.  Doug ordered the Red Velvet Cheesecake, while I had the new Chocolate Bar Cheesecake (actually it's made of Hershey's chocolate).  Unfortunately, we couldn't finish our cheesecakes, so we brought them home for later.  Oh, I was such a happy Bama mama when I found a script "A" cookie cutter at the Campus Spirit's shop.  Now, I can serve delicious Bama cookies to our guests during this season's football parties.  YAY!!  I'm just having a good day all together.  Can't you tell?  LOL! 

We were not shopping around inside Sam's Club for very long before I found the new Better Homes and Garden's special "Trick or Treat" edition magazine.  I knew that The Celebration Shoppe was featured in the magazine because Kim wrote about it in her blog.  She does such great work and enjoy the free printables, she shares with her readers.  Right off the bat, I picked up the magazine and began looking through it.  I also noticed Martha Stewart has her 2011 Halloween edition out as well.  I enjoy looking through these magazines and getting creative ideas.  While I was thumbing through "Martha Stewart's Halloween", a lady walked up beside me and also grabbed Martha.  We got to talking and I mentioned the feature in the BHG of The Celebration Shoppe.  She seemed interested, so I flipped over to Kim's pages.  I sold the lady and she took a copy with her.  LOL!  Doug asked me if I get commission for selling the magazine for The Celebration Shoppe.  The sweet lady is an Avon manager and she host several parties.  I told her that she might get lots of neat ideas and free printables from The Celebration Shoppe for her business.  She thanked me and assured me that she would be checking it out.  I did purchase Martha Stewarts Halloween and I can't wait to check it out. 

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