Monday, August 1, 2011

Did You Know?

I've got Colton lying down for his afternoon nap. Katie's in her room playing on her computer. I've got clothes in the wash and I just finished washing dishes in the sink. It's break time.

What better way to multi-task than watch "Days of Our Lives" and do a little catch up from the bloggers that I love to follow. Y'all I've learned so much in the past 30 minutes. Crafting and baking tips that I never knew. Of course, I have to share with you. I mean, you just can't keep information like this from the public.

Did you know that you can use freezer paper as a stencil?

I would absolutely L.O.V.E to own a Silhouette, but since I don't Hobby Lobby shows you a tutorial right HERE on how to use freezer paper as custom stencils.  Very interesting. 
I think this handmade gift idea is sweet.

Do you know what Tidymom used as the lace stencil? 
Give up?  A doily.  A simple doily.  I couldn't believe it.  A lover of tote bags and I think it's something that every woman should own (more than one at that), I think this would make an excellent gift.  Tidymom mentioned making them for teachers for a back to school gift.  Great idea!

How can you make shaped cookies keep their shape? 

Well, Bake at 350 has the answer and it's so simple.  After she cuts out her special cookies, even the plain circles, she puts the cookie sheet in the freezer for 5 to 10 minutes at a time.  What?  She swears that is the answer for the perfectly shaped cookie.  Genius! 


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