Sunday, August 7, 2011

Pinterest and Kids

Like always, I'm probably behind the times, but have you gotten on the Pinterest kick? It's different. This tool allows you to share crafts, places, food and others what you love to other Pinterest members. I've found some cute ideas from other Pins and you can RePin from someone elses board, to show on your board.

My niece Leslie made sure that I got on board, I think it's because she wants me to Pin wedding ideas that I've found online. LOL! I've also noticed a few professional bloggers have their Pinterest logo shown on their website.

If you're interested in Pinterest, CLICK HERE!

So, have you Pinned lately?

Quick Note:
We have been so blessed like always this weekend.  Our nephew, Nicholas, is home from school and actually wanted to hang out with us Friday.  He is so funny.  He is the one that got home from a Summer job working at Tulane University doing chemical research.  He had the chance to tell me in detail how much he loved it in New Orleans.  He said he wasn't far from Emeril Lagasse's restaurant where he stayed.  And Nick doesn't even know who Emeril was!  Man!  I've got to educate my nieces and nephews a little better before they get out into the world.  LOL!  I really hope Nick accepts the job offer down there, so we can visit him.  I might even get to eat at Emeril's.  Ahh!  For Nick to really want to move and work in Louisana, he doesn't care for the heat in the food too much.  I was surprised when he came back home, how he has developed a love for Mexican food, as long as it's not hot. 

Millard and Peggy wanted to keep the kids Friday night because school will be starting soon.  So as we are talking with Nicholas, the next you know, June and KimAnn (June's sister-in-law) are meeting us at our house.  We all got into our car and we headed to Cantina Laredo at BridgeStreet.  It's a Mexican Restaurant that Doug and I enjoy eating at.  June and KimAnn are not very good Mexican food lovers.  I think they were just enjoying the company.  LOL!  Nicholas seemed to really like the food because he took his date to the same restaurant last night.  June and KimAnn have never been to BridgeStreet, so Nicholas and I took them on a quick tour of the place because it began sprinkling on us.  Before the rain, it was a nice night.  There were a couple of street singers and there was a light breeze.  Very nice! 

Last night, we went out to eat with Millard and Peggy and the kids.  As you know Colton's been talking quite a bit and it seems like his vocabulary expands daily.  Millard and Peggy told us Colton's new saying.  Peggy was rocking Colton to sleep the night before and I think she was getting tired of rocking or he would settle down.  Anywho, she finally told him to go to sleep.  He responded to her request saying, "I tryin' G'maw, I tryin'."  Too cute. 

Y'all I know I let things get to me a little more probably than most people, but I have a hard time enjoying myself at a restaurant with Colton.  First of all, he's 2 and he shows it.  We went to Logan's Steakhouse and I was about to pull my hair out.  Before I sat down good, Colton had his shoes pulled off and insisted on getting down from the table and walk around on the peanut shells. He would not stay still to save his life.  As Doug would say, "MEMORIES!"  Now Katie on the other hand can conduct herself a little better, since she's a little older.  The past couple of times we've gone out to eat with friends or family, I've had her take her Leapster.  I don't know why I haven't done this in the past.  The biggest problem with kids and adults eating at restaurants is the adults want to sit around and talk.  The kids eat a small amount of food and they are ready to go because adult talk is BORING!  The Leapster has been a lifesaver for us because she plays her games or colors.  I did get tickled at Colton while we were eating at the restaurant.  When I offered him a hot roll and butter he said, "Oh, yeah."  Too funny.   

Oh and I have to show you a couple pictures of the girls during Katie's birthday party that my friend, Allison, made for me.  So sweet! 



Laura said...

When you go to eat at Emeril's, take the bank with you!

Anonymous said...

I am addicted to Pinterest! I will have to find yours and Leslies boards :)