Friday, August 12, 2011

Open House 2011

Oh my gosh! It was hard for me to gather my senses today. I mean I knew it was Katie's Open House to meet her new teacher and classmates, but it didn't really hit me until late tonight. This is it! My 6 year old daughter will be starting the first grade Monday morning. My baby girl, in my mind, that I just gave birth to a few days ago is in the first grade. Not only that but she is also going through a few changes in her life. We went to Chick-fil-a for breakfast this morning and noticed she is getting hair on her legs. I've mentioned her getting husky. She's beginning to get embarrassed about me telling her stories that I think are cute to other people. Tonight for instance, I was telling her grandparents about her having to clean up the mac-n-cheese that she spilled. She said that she wouldn't have told them that. I'll have to watch what I say around her from now on. I guess if I didn't have Colton still at home and keeping me busy, I probably would be taking this really hard. She's growing up.

This morning, I treated Katie and Colton to breakfast at Chick-fil-a and the entire time all I heard from Katie was "I'm so excited to start back to school. Do you think Savannah will be in my class? I can't wait to see E. Will E be at the Open House tonight? What time do we have to be there? Will I have enough time to eat a snack before we go? Will daddy be home when we go?" Y'all this went on and on. In fact later this afternoon, I had just put Colton to bed for a nap and sent Katie to her room to watch a movie, while I got Colton relaxed (rocking). Finally, I got to sit down with my bologna and cheese sandwich when Katie came out of her room and said, "mama, you know that we forgot about going to school today?" Ugh! I reassured her that I didn't forget and she didn't need to worry.

Finally, it was time to get ready. I hated that the sundress I had laid out for her to wear didn't fit anymore. Here I go trying to get one of her new outfits and we needed to be leaving like right then. Peggy watched Colton for me, while Millard went with me. Would you believe that I forgot my camera? I couldn't believe it. Oh well, I'll get my pictures at another time.

At Open House, we got to see old friends and met some new faces. We basically had a mini class reunion because there were 4 students from Katie's class last year. Us moms were glad to see each other. E and Katie went there way, checking out their new classroom. Mrs. G seemed very organized and expects a successful 2011-2012 class. What I like is how she will keep us informed by her website, emails and she Twits. I've been trying to stay away from Twitting, but I guess I'll have to sign up for that as well. Mrs. G says she does it in case of any last minute changes or cancellations. She also believes in a paper free world. YAY! I'm glad she won't assign homework during the weekend. I signed up to help with the two school parties and bring home projects to help out in class. We stayed there quite a while because we got there a little late. After Mrs. G's speech, I finished up a few things that I needed to do, sign papers, place all of our school supplies in the proper place, etc. We waited around because I needed to speak with Mrs. G. I believe there were maybe 3 students left in the classroom out of the 20 students. I was ready to go visit the lunchroom team to pay for Katie's lunches, but Katie was not. We had to practically pull her out of the room. She didn't want to leave. "I'm not ready to go yet mom. I want to read some of their books. I haven't met everyone in class." There were only 3 children left for her to introduce herself to them. I introduced her to 2 of the students and she still didn't want to leave. We ran into another friend EG and her mom, my friend, down the hall. EG lost her two front teeth a couple of weeks ago. Y'all when I told Peggy the story about the toothfairy visiting EG, I had to stop in mid-sentence because it donned on me that Katie was in the room. I just nearly messed up. I froze. I didn't know what to say. Thank goodness, Peggy picked right up from there. Shew! I didn't say too much to give the magic away. Of course, we had to visit with Coach B and wish him congratulations. He and his wife are expecting their first child very soon. Katie just loves Coach B. Her little eyes perked up when she saw her Kindergarten teacher again. Mrs. M couldn't get over how much she had grown over the Summer. The first thing out of Katie's mouth was "I finally turned 6." LOL! Katie is siked to start school next week.

We need your prayers. I'm aware there is a stomach bug going around and Colton crawled into our bed tonight with a low grade temp. He just doesn't feel good. Ugh! I would hate for Katie to start school out coming down with something. Poor Colton can't get comfy. He says he's cold and wants the blanket wrapped around him, but he is so hot. He wants to watch "Cars" in his room, but he comes back to mommy and daddy's room every now and then. He's miserable. He'll lay by me for a little while and then ask to go in his room. It doesn't seem like very long before he's back in our room. He whines. I understand because sometimes you just can't say anything, so whine. I hope he's better tomorrow.


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