Tuesday, January 10, 2012


It's the team's motto ~ FINISH. The word "finish" has been mentioned several times throughout the season by coach and players during news media reports.  To finish what they've started and boy did they ever FINISH well. 

It was a fun and exciting football game last night. Doug and I got everything wrapped, so we could be parked in front of the television for the next 4 to 4 1/2 hours. Doug literally did not move off the couch, he was afraid that it would bring bad luck. I'm telling ya, Bama went to NOLA with game and hunger in mind. We have been eatten up with the sports media ever since the loss to LSU, the first time around. We should not have lost that game, but it happened. Revenge is ever so sweet.

Honestly, I think Jefferson and Honey Badger is still sitting on the field wondering "what just happened?" I think LSU thought they were easily going to chew us up and spit us out.  They just didn't know how hunger we were for the championship.  Two great teams from the Southeastern Conference, it couldn't have been a better match.  It's great to be from the SOUTH!!!  We gave LSU several opportunities to win the game last night, but this win was in our favor and I'm so glad it was. How sweet it is!!!




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Laura said...

Wayne and I STOOD in front of the TV during the entire second quarter. I thought we were going to ruin my rug with all the pacing that we were doing. So, so freakin' proud of our team! If y'all only knew the kinda @%$?& we have to put up with here in Louisiana!!

BTW, my blog is private now. I haven't decided if it's a permanent thing or not. If you will send me your google email, I will add you so that you guys can still read it.