Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Potty Training Woes

We are going through potty training woes. Flash hates to go to the potty. He says and I quote that "it's yucky." I don't understand how a potty is yucky, but yet you can poop or pee in your own pants. One morning as we were getting ready for school, Colton messed in his pants. He told me that his bottom is yucky. I told him that I would change his pants as soon as he finished eating his pancakes. Well, he saw me coming down the hallway with diaper and wipes in hand. Shaking his hand and saying "no," he didn't want his diaper changed. I told him that if he didn't change his pants, his bottom would start burning. Again, he said "no." I asked him why he doesn't want to change his pants and Katie and I began giggling as soon as he told us his reason. He said "'cause I'm watchin' the news." Too funny! He is such a character.

For a couple of hours, Colton did pretty good wearing his Buzz Lightyear underwear. I asked him if there was something special that he would like to have as a reward for staying dry all the time. He piped up and said that he wanted a Superman. I've never seen him go to the bathroom so fast. The funny part of this story is him trying to go to the potty, when he doesn't really have to go. He is so funny! He literally strains, trying to pee-pee. He shakes his head, close his eyes and tells me "it won't work momma. I try, but it just won't work." LOL! After he says this to me, he has this funny, disgusted look on his face. Of course after he didn't go pee-pee, he asked where his Superman was and when we were going to go get it. Yeah. He doesn't understand that he has to keep going to the bathroom every time he has to go potty and keep dry pants. Too funny.


The Keyes Family said...

Funny little FLash. too cute! I'm a little sad when i think about the next three years that we are gonna have diapers int he house. It's so nice to get rid of them. Lilly is still refusing to wipe herself. I have made her start tearing off the tp.. i figure one step at a time. LOL.

Laura said...