Saturday, November 1, 2008

Happy All Saints Day!

Not a whole lot of people will enjoy me saying this, but today was the day God answered our prayers and blessed our lives with the conception of Kaitlyn. I went in for a procedure at Brookwood Medical on Halloween Day four years ago and God blessed us on All Saints Day. Now, we are waiting the arrival of another blessing from God.

I hope to hear that everyone had a wonderful and safe Halloween yesterday. We had a busy busy day. Doug stayed in his hole for most of the morning, in order to get some homework and tests done. He was also able to help me out with our Christmas project, while Katie and I got ready for Halloween night. Katie was so excited when I told her that it was finally Halloween. She began giggling and laughing. Right off the bat, she went looking for her Daddy. She wanted us to get ready so we can go Trick-R-Treating. I had to explain that we wouldn't go Trick-R-Treating until it got dark. Well, she didn't care for that idea, but she got over it. She was still very excited.

Katie helped me by stuffing Trick-R-Treater's Goody Bags. I caught her swiping a bag or two of M&M's.

While she stuffed goody bags, I prepared our pumpkin to be turned into a jack-o-lantern.

As soon as Katie finished stuffing bags, she couldn't wait to help me cut open the pumpkin. She couldn't understand that we had to cut it open because she thought we were just going to color it like the other one. She kept asking me what I was doing. When I finally got the top off, it was time to dig out all the gooey stuff. I gave her the shovel to dig it out and she thought it was so fun. She told me laughing, "Mom, this is fun." When all the seeds and gooey stuff was out of the pumpkin, Katie thought we were going to pretend to cook. So, she starts stirring the pan, like she was cooking. Then, she thought we should put all the gooey stuff back inside the pumpkin. NO! She didn't understand what we were going to do with the gooey stuff. It just bothered her.

Out of all the Disney Princess patterns, Katie insisted on Ariel. Again, she thought we were going to color her picture on the pumpkin. When she saw me with the hole poker and saw, cutting up the pumpkin. She asked, "Mom, what are you doing?"

Our finished Ariel pumpkin. Katie just loves it!

Katie in her Mariposa costume

I tried my hand at curling her hair. It wasn't easy, but I don't think it looks too bad. She loved the attention. I let her hold a mirror, while I put a little blush and eye shadow as well. I think the eye shadow brush was tickling her because she couldn't keep still.

Katie and her Daddy

Katie and her Momma

Katie w/Papa John & Grandma Jerry

Katie loved Aunt Maryann's Halloween display on the front porch

Katie was so excited that she got to see her Whitney "Whebee" and Layla

Whitney had her little girl, Layla, all dressed up for Halloween. Tehe! Layla is sweet and Katie just loves her. She is so good natured around Katie.

I hate it that we didn't get a picture of Millard and Peggy with Katie. Doug, Katie and I got home around 6:30 last night from visiting the grandparents and aunts/uncles. I was wore completely out and didn't even think about it. Doug mentioned us going out to Millard and Peggy's today to try and watch the Bama game today, so hopefully we can get a picture then.

Millard, Peggy, Doug and Katie headed out to the church Fall Festival after dropping me off at home. They stayed gone until around 8:30 p.m. I was surprised that Katie wouldn't get in the jumper house like last year, but Peggy seems to think that Katie remembers getting hurt last year. She's probably right, but I didn't think that would stop Katie from jumping around in there because she loves them. Oh well. Doug seemed disgusted because he told me that she wouldn't do anything. They all went to Dairy Queen for a late supper before coming home. I stayed home and passed out candy to our Trick-R-Treaters. I guess we had about a total of 16 kids come by. We don't get many beggers because we live on a dead end street and plus all the surrounding churches have their festivals going on at the same time.

As soon as the gang (Millard, Peggy, Doug & Katie) drove in the driveway, I noticed that Will and his Mom were driving into Ms. Evelyn's house. It wasn't long before he was knocking at our door. He was dressed as a bat. Of course, Will's Mom and I had to get pictures of the kids.

Overall, I think Katie had a blast this Halloween. I had to leave our company because I had to go to bed, but I could hear Katie in the Living Room chattering away. I'm glad she enjoyed her night, but in a way I'm glad to see the night over with. Ugh! I'm absolutely exhausted!


Anonymous said...

It looks like the Mason family had a fun Halloween. More precious memories! Katie looks so happy! Mi, that is the first picture I have seen of Mom since I left. SHE LOOKS WONDERFUL!! I had to shed a tear of gratefulness. Thanks again Mason bunch and Sue for working so hard on our Christmas project. I am so excited about it!! Love, Sister Sandy

The Thorsrud Family said...

Love the pics. Katie is such a little model! Love the story on your blessings! God is good. I'm so glad you are having ANOTHER baby! Glad you had a great Halloween, Katie looks just beautiful in her costume. I really liked the pic of Grandma and Grandpa. She is looking better in every pic I see!

Laura said...

Great pictures!! I feel like I was there! Get some rest! Christmas is around the corner!

Sister Sandy said...

Are you going to wait until Thanksgiving to write for us again? I miss you blogging, how am I ever going to know what is going on in your life, or Katie's life? While you are watching the Alabama game, drop us all a line on your blog, please!! Love, Sister Sandy