Friday, November 14, 2008

Hooray!! We're Half Way There!

Whoo Hoo!! We've made it less than half way. If you are a bit confused as to what I'm talking about. Well, I'm talk about that I'm 20 weeks pregnant now. There have times where I didn't think I was going to make it. Shoo! It's been a rough road up this mountain and now I'm hoping for an easier ride down. I mentioned that we have made it less than half way because Dr. Kakani said that when I reach 37/38 weeks pregnant, she will give me the option to choose the baby's due date. Since I'll be having another C-Section and if baby and I are doing well, then we'll be free to proceed. Yay!!!

Last night the baby was a little more active than it has been in the past. I was laying in bed trying to relax because I had a lot of aches and pains and that's when the baby decided to have a little boxing match. I'll have to get a picture posted soon, but my belly is really growing. Whether I want to eat more or not, baby is growing like a weed. I have to warn you about something before I decide to post a new picture of me. I've been wanting to get my hair highlighted for some time. Of course, I couldn't because I found out that we were expecting, so I had to wait until it was safe enough to get my hair done. Ahhhh! Yesterday, I finally did it and I just feel better because I have my hair back. I started to cut my hair and go back to the old hair style, but Doug said that he liked my hair long. Just for him, I'll keep my long locks. I asked my hair dresser for tips on ways that I could style my hair. I watched her closely and hopefully I'll be able to do what she did because I like how she styled it for me.


Mom Update
I'm so proud of mom's progress. I spoke to her yesterday and she said (so proud) that she wanted to get out of bed that morning and not disturb Dad sleeping. So, she was able to get out of bed without any assistance, go to the bathroom, put on her clothes for the day and walking into the Kitchen to get her some juice. All of this by herself. Yay!!!! Last week, mom was really down because she said that she didn't think she was making any progress. So while she was telling me all of this good news, I had to point out last week's doubts and she giggled a little to say that she did make it.

Prayer Request
Please remember Emily Mulkey in your prayers because she is back in the hospital. As you know, she was able to move to Texas with the rest of her family this past Summer. Her new lungs seem to be doing fine. The reason for being admitted to the hospital, she seems to think that she has some kind of staph infection. She said that her ankle was all red and swollen, causing her some difficulty walking. She is hooked up to IV meds. She thinks that the drugs are working because she is able to stand up on her leg and walk around a little.

Looking Back

How do you like my mom's hat? (L-R: Sandy, Mom, June & Maryann)

I believe the hat was made of feathers from a pheasant. I think this picture was taken around Easter time. I'm not too sure because I can't ask her these questions without her becoming suspicious.

How do you like my Easter bunny ears? LOL!

I hope you have a great TGIF and wonderful weekend!

Don't forget to watch . . .

Bama vs. Mississippi State

Saturday at 6:45 p.m.



thekeyes said...

congrats on being half ways there.. that's a big milestone in my book!
I love all the old pictures. That's going to be a wonderful present.

The Thorsrud Family said...

CONGRATS! YEA! 20 weeks! I didnt realize we are right at a month apart. EXCITING! Love the pics, keep them coming ;0)

Laura said...

Well, yes, we want to know what it is!!! Quit holding out!!!