Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Looking Back

I told you that I would give you sneak peeks about the project I've been working on. My parents have a bunch of old slides that we scanned and stored onto a hard drive. My parents don't know about it, so

A picture of me and my family: (L-R: Maryann, G'ma Annie, June, G'pa Godfrey, Sandy, Susan, Dad, Mom and me)

Our picture was taken in front of the house I grew up in for 21 years.

Me approximately 3 years old with my puppy, Dixie


Katie and I got a surprise visit from Ryan, Kacy and Whitney yesterday. I just love it when the kids come to see me. It makes me feel special that they love me enough to put time away just to come see their aunt. I was glad that they were able to stay a little longer this time. Ryan and Kacy finally got some time off from their work about 15 days and wanted to come down south for most of that time off. I hope they enjoy their break from the crazy hospital world before having to go back. Ryan said they'll probably head back some time the middle of next week. Whitney was asking for information about Bridge Street and I recommended, if they go, to eat at the Mexican Restaurant, Cantina Laredo. When Laura and Wayne came up for Doug's birthday, we ate at this restaurant and it was sooo good. I hope they are able to go.

Katie was so excited to see the kids that she couldn't contain herself. She had to release that energy by running around the loveseat. She kept telling us, "run, run, run". Whitney and Ryan kept laughing at her and of course, it caused her to do it more. She remembered Ryan playing with her the last time. Right off the bat, she wanted him to put her on his shoulders and lift her up high. She found a cozy seat between Ryan and Kacy on the couch. LOL! She learned well from her mom. I use to do the same thing with my sisters and their boyfriends. She spread her time with each one of them and hated to see them leave. She asked Kacy and Whitney if they were going to come back and see her again.

Flu Shot
After our guests left, Katie and I got ready and headed to Dr. Lunsford's office. Katie asked me where we were going. I told her the truth that we were going to get our flu shot. Oh, she didn't like that idea at all. I reassured her that everything was going to be okay and that I had to get a shot. We made an agreement. I would hold her hand, if she would hold mine because I had to get a shot; whereas, she would probably just get some nose spray. I guess because she knew that she had to be brave for me that she changed her tune. She told me on the way there that she would be right there for me and hold my hand. She was saying it so sincere like she was protecting me. It was sweet. Sure enough, I was the first to get my flu shot. Katie held my hand, while she watched the nurse give me my shot. Buddy, I have to say that shot may not hurt going in, but it holds a punch a few minutes later. Ouch! I was stupid to have it put in my right arm on top of that because it's still sore. Finally, it was Katie's turn for her nose spray. She didn't know about it at first. I didn't think she would like it because she hates it when I give her nose spray at home. She let the nurse put the first squirt and soon decided that it wasn't for her because some of the spray was running out of her nose. She hates having a runny nose. So, I had to do a little more than hold her hand for the nurse to put the rest of the flu mist in her nose. When we left, Katie announced to me as she was skipping to the car that it wasn't that bad.

Prayer Request
Please keep my sister, Susan, in your prayers. She's been complaining about a spot on her face that she needed to be looked at by a Dermatologist for some time. She finally had a chance to go to the doctor yesterday. The doctor did a biopsy on her face and then told her that it could be pre-cancerous, cancerous or Lupus. In the same breath, he told her that they wouldn't find out the results for approximately 2 weeks. Ugh! Okay, let's scare her to death first before the results comes in. Bless her heart, I spoke to her last night and she agreed that it did scare her a bit, but she also understands that it could come back negative. Please pray that God will ease her mind and give her comfort.

My niece, Whitney is going through gosh knows what in Nursing School. She has 6 more months before graduating from school and plans for a wedding a couple of months afterwards. She's under a lot of pressure and stress. From what I understand, she's got some really tough exams after the Christmas break. Please ask God to bless her with His strength and guidance, in order to get her through these next few months.

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thekeyes said...

UGhh.. i got my flu shot but i cancelled lilly's and still need to get her's done now. I was afraid she was sick that day. She's fine though and i should of just got it done. I'll sure pray from whitney. I can relate to that stress for sure. And of course susan, the waiting is so hard. I had to wait a month or so for some thryoid tests to come back and it turned out to to be nothing but the doctor scared me to death. They really shouldn't say anything till they know for sure.