Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Is J.Jill's Closing?

Sandy called me yesterday to let me that she heard J.Jill and Coldwater Creek retail stores are closing for good. Ugh! She advised me to get to the nearest stores and look for some good bargains before the end of the year. This news is so sad to me because I love these two stores. Of course, I only look for the sale items anyway. When I opened my email messages this morning, Laura sent me a list of possible stores cutting back or closing for good. As I was reading the list, I became very disheartened. I thought I would take it to Snopes. If anyone could investigate this story, I know they will.

This is what I found out about J.Jill store, owned by Talbots through Snopes:
Talbots Inc. announced this month that its seeking to sell off its chain J.Jill casual clothier stores. Talbots has already shed off its Talbots Kids, Talbots Mens and U.K. businesses and has already closed an additional 28 Talbots stores out of about 1,400 total outlets. Snopes has found no information about Talbots planning to close J. Jill outlets in the near future. The chain still operates in 283 locations, is still opening new stores, and is still selling and redeeming gift cards.

I couldn't find any information about Coldwater Creek Clothing Stores at this time. To find out if for sure that your favorite store(s) are not going under, you need to check out what Snopes found out here .

Potty Time
I want to shout from the roof tops! WHOO HOO! Finally, we might be seeing the last of diapers & pull ups for now that is until March. LOL! I haven't mentioned anything for the past couple of weeks because I was afraid that I would have to gather up my words. Katie's been going on 2 weeks of dry pants. Sure, she might have an accident during the night or at nap time, but over all she's done great. I still don't trust her wearing panties when we go out, but so far she lets me know when she has to go potty. I'm stuck on a special reward for her because she knows that she's going to get a big girl bed when the baby gets here, which she's so excited by the way. Most everything she's asked for, she's probably going get for Christmas. She likes to tell me just about everyday how she's going to be a big girl. So, I would love to hear your suggestions for a nice and somewhat inexpensive reward for her potty training success.

Mom Update
Yesterday, Mom, Dad, Katie and myself went to a local candy maker for some Christmas gifts. Would you believe that Mom walks around her house without any assistance. No walker, cane, someone holding her hand, zero. Isn't that great? When we left the house, she walked to the car with just her cane and nothing else. She walked around the candy store with just her cane as well. She does still tire quickly, so that small trip got her ready for a nap after lunch.

Are you ready for the big Turkey Day? We are having Thanksgiving at Susan and Tim's house this year and later going to Peggy and Millard's house. They are being easy on me this year because I'm in charge of the plastic/paper products this year, which is fine with me. I can make up for it next year. LOL! I did grab a couple of 2 liter cokes as well. Last Friday, I got a small burst of energy. Doug helped me take down the Fall/Thanksgiving decorations and put them up. I had to do some cleaning because this house was driving me crazy. Katie couldn't understand what I was doing putting up all the decorations. "What are you doing?" she asked me. I told her that we had to put Fall up and get ready for Christmas. Well that caused her to have a huge smile come across her face. Unfortunately, she thought Christmas was coming that day. So, I guess now I'm going to have to remind her that it's coming soon.

We had absolutely no groceries in the house by Sunday. So, Katie and I had to stop by Walmart on the home from Mom and Dad's house. What a huge mistake! Honestly, I didn't think there would be such a big Thanksgiving craze on a Monday before Thanksgiving. Usually the stores are packed a day or two before Thanksgiving. There were people every where. I just took my time, but I was getting very tired quick. We did stop by the toys section for Katie. One bad thing about shopping with your daughter is when you find a really great deal and you can't sneak it past her. Ugh! She's been begging me for the "My Little Pony Sundae Amusement Park Ponyville". The bad thing is it comes with only one pony. Well, I found a bonus value "Amusement Park" that came with an additional 2 ponies and their accessories. I looked around and I only found 2 of these bonus values left. Ugh! This toy is too big to sneak it in our buggy without Katie finding out about it. What was I going to do? I spoke to Doug about it. He agreed to pick it up on the way home from work. I sent him an email with the picture and description, so he wouldn't have any problems. Would you believe, he went to the Walmart in Decatur, Hartselle and Cullman and they were all gone? Ugh! How disappointing. What did put a smile on my face was that Walmart just got a shipment of Clementines. Ahhhh! I love these small beautiful oranges and now Katie is in love with them.

Prayer Request Update
I wanted to update you on my friend, Cindy's niece. Allison had a fast growing mass that she's underwent two emergency surgeries to get rid of it. I haven't seen Cindy for the past few weeks and I finally got an email back from her the other day about Allison's progress. She said that she's doing good thus far. The doctors will be watching her hormone levels very close to see if there are any changes.

I haven't heard anything about Aunt Mary and her back. Mom has been trying to get a hold of her daughter, Frances and Aunt Virginia to see what they know about her progress.

Susan was suppose to find out her test results yesterday at a 9:00 doctor's appointment. I told her to call me as soon as she found out something, but I guess she forgot. I can't call her at work because her boss is cranky when it comes to personal phone calls. I couldn't call her last night because she said she had a game to go to. Of course, I'm still going to bed early because I get sick. I plan to call her when we get back from ballet class this evening. Hopefully, I'll get some information to report later.

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Anya wants the same pony park! Hopefully, my Mother In law got the right one!