Sunday, November 9, 2008

I'm Still Here!

Good Morning Y'all!

Thanks for being so patient with me, not blogging very much. Yes, I'm still working on my Christmas Project, but good news - we're half way done! Whoo! Hoo! I might be able to give you some sneak peeks very soon. Tehe!

I'm afraid to tell any one else when I have a good day because I emailed my aunt the other day. She was asking how I was feeling. All I said was that I have my good and bad days. The next thing I know, I have another sinus attack and now I typing with a bad headache. Ugh! Bottom line, I'm pregnant and my condition fluctuates like the weather around here. Ha!

Baby is still doing good. He/she is still not very active, but it likes to squirm and ball up from time to time. Of course, you know we will hopefully find out the baby's sex in a couple of weeks. So, I am holding a poll and I hope you will participate. Please let me know what you think we will be expecting in March - Is it a GIRL or BOY? It's all in fun, so let me know. Lord willing, I will let you know the results Thanksgiving week.

Election Day Story
I have to tell you this cute story. Katie and I headed to our Election Poll site to elect our next President. You have to know that Katie is at the age to ask questions, lots and lots of questions. As we pulled up to the Civic Center, Katie begins asking, "mom, what are we doing here?" I responded, "to vote". We got into the long line to get a ballot and she asks again, "mom, what are we doing?" I explained further "to vote for a new President". Well, she thought we were voting for a present. She got so excited and kept repeating, "we're voting for a present. Oh, boy!" I had to say the word "president" before she finally got it right. She finally said "president" followed by a very confused face. She didn't ask anymore questions about the president. I guess she was too disappointed that she wasn't voting for a present.

I See Santa Claus Mom!
I don't know about your local radio stations, but ours likes to play Christmas music starting the first of November. Some people gripe about it because Thanksgiving hasn't even gotten here yet, but I like it. It's something about Christmas music that puts you in the Christmas spirit.

It was dark, Katie and I had to drive to our pharmacy to pick up a prescription. We were listening to the Christmas music and Katie got to talking about Santa Claus. I thought well this is a good opportunity to talk about the real reason for the season. I asked her whose birthday it was that we celebrate Christmas. Right off the bat, she asked if it was her birthday again. "No" I told her. It was Jesus' birthday that he was born on Christmas Day. I was hoping there would be that connection because every time we see the nativity, I always point out to her baby Jesus. "It's Jesus' birthday?" she asked. "Yes" I told her. Well, she seemed okay with that idea, but she wanted to go back to talking about Santa Claus. I wasn't done talking about Jesus and finally she informed me, "mom, I not want to talk about that right now. I want to talk about Santa Claus and Rudolph". It wasn't long before she announced, "look it's Santa Claus!" I asked her where did she see Santa Claus. "Right there!" as she was pointing up to a red blinking light on top of a cell tower. I was chuckling inside myself and I assured her that it was Santa Claus. I added that he was watching her to make sure she was being a good girl. I asked her if she was being a good girl. "Uh, huh and I get presents because I'm a good girl", she said with such confidence.

Bama Stays #1
Wow! What a ball game yesterday? You talk about down to the line for Bama having a chance to win. Shoo! Rashad Johnson really showed off his talent in this game. Yeah, I've been pretty critical of J.P. Wilson for his past performances, but he made up for it when he got the final touchdown that would keep Alabama #1 in the AP Poll.

UPS/FedEx Delivery Failure Virus
With the Christmas Holiday fast approaching us, please be aware of a circulating virus that is going on out there. It's called the "UPS/FedEx Delivery Failure Virus". In order to read the complete document on this virus, please click here for further information from Snopes.


Sister Sandy said...

Well Hello!
I missed you, thanks for the update. I love the Katie stories! Yes, the Bama game was a good one. Love, Sister Sandy

Sister Sandy said...

Oh, I couldn't find any place to place my guess for the baby, so I will do it here. I am feeling......................
IT'S A GIRL! Love, Sister Sandy

Laura said...

Wayne and I laughed at the president v. present story! That was hilarious!

As for Santa ain't working in our house. We tell Alise he is watching her and she doesn't care! She's going through another "stage." Get ready!

Allison said...

I think the baby is another girl too!

The Thorsrud Family said...

Love the stories of Katie. She has a great imagination. hehe! I have been talking to Maddie about Jesus too...but Santa always seems to come out in every conversation! Maddie has a whole list of things she would like from santa this year :P Jake is just taking it all in!