Thursday, November 27, 2008

What I'm Thankful For . . .

  1. God saving my soul from eternal hell
  2. God blessing me immensely
  3. My family and friends
  4. Living in a country where I can practice my many freedoms
  5. God allowing me to live in the South
  6. Nick Saban and the 2008 U of A Bama Football Team - ROLL TIDE!
  7. Military personnel protecting me and my family from terrorist
  8. God allowing me to stay home to raise my children
  9. God allowing me to volunteer my time to service Him
  10. God allowing me, family and friends to eat (I think) the best meal of the year
  11. Having blog buddies like you!


May God Bless You As Well This Thanksgiving Holiday!


Laura said...

NO WAY!!!!! Are you sure you aren't pulling our leg? I am shocked!! I knew something was up when those boy numbers on your poll started going up! The cat was out of the bag!

Congratulations!! What does Katie think?

thekeyes said...

congrats on a boy! i knew it when i saw those pictures.. lol.. yeah!