Thursday, May 5, 2011

Cinco de Mayo

As we all celebrate with a Mexican dish and Margaritas in hand, my favorite is a Chicken Burrito Mexicano and strawberry virgin margarita. YUM! The history of the Cinco de Mayo is a celebration of the Mexican militia over the French army at the Battle of Puebla in 1862. Why was Mexico at war with the French? Mexico was in debt with several countries including France. The French wanted Mexico to pay up, so they invaded the Gulf Coast. The army was well on their way to Mexico City with plans to put one of their own as the official Mexican ruler. Knowing the intentions of the French, England, Spain and others withdrew from Mexico. Pres. Lincoln wanted to help, but he was in the middle of a Civil War. At Puebla, the French army encountered a small militia led by a Mexican General Seguin. At the battle the small militia was able to stop the large French Army from succeeding their mission. The French leaders were outraged from the defeat, but the Mexicans still celebrate this day of national unity, honoring all the brave militia soliders that stopped the initial invasion despite being outnumbered. Wow!  Enough of History.

I'm jealous, I look through the blogs that I follow and everyone's posting Mexican recipes that they throw together for their families.  We love Mexican food and we visit our share of different Mexican Restaurants.  If I make it at home, it's more than likely accompanied with an Ortega box like for Tacos or Burrito mix.  HAHA!  I do know how to make Cheese Quesadillas, I just don't make them a lot.  Does that count?  LOL! 

On Netflix, I found two movies/documentaries that I've really enjoyed watching. "America's Godly Heritage" and "God of Wonders" just got me on fire for the Lord this afternoon.

America's Godly Heritage reflects the big question that's been pressing for decades.  Was our founding fathers' intentions for this country, in the first amendment, to keep religion and state separate or should they be hand in hand?  Should all candidates running for the President's position of the United States of America profess if he is indeed Christian or not?  Where is it written in the Constitution?  Was this country absolutely claimed to be of a Christian faith?  You will get answers and opinions in this documentary.  One thing that is so simple, I got from this movie is that if someone keeps saying something over and over for decades and decades, you evenually begin to BELIEVE IT as TRUE.  We have believed a lie for too long. 

I've been told several times to read George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and John Adams' biologies that I won't regret reading them.  I like to watch the documentaries around President's Day and 4th of July about each president and Ben Franklin.  I was able to download one of Ben Franklin's novels on my Kindle, so I'm kind of excited to get started on it.  It was a free book, so if you're interested just type in Ben Franklin or founding fathers in your search.  Believe it or not, but I'm still reading "Roses" by L. Mecham.  I am almost done though.  I think I've got close to 10 chapters left.  I'll post my complete review as soon as I finish. 

God of Wonders is not only a beautiful documentary, but very informative on both a Christian and Scientific aspect.  Yes, I said Scientific.  If anyone still has doubts of God's existence, you MUST watch this movie.  I came away learning lots.  I love science, but I must of missed the day that they compared the sun to stars.  I didn't know there were particular stars, forgot the specific names, that were in fact larger than the sun.  I'm still in awe of God's precision and perfection in all He creates.  From every star in the universe to the tiniest molecule.  He is indeed AWESOME! 

Documentaries may not be your forte.  I promise you, you will get something out of them and will be glad you did.   

Don't forget Mother's Day is this Sunday.  What are giving your Mother, Grandmother, or that special someone that you love just like a mom? 

I've already given mom some of her gift.  My sister, Sandy, lives a long way from us.  Our mother loves flowers, so Sandy asked me to pick her up a flower pot full of annuals.  You talk about getting you in the Spring mood, just go to your local nursery.  Oh, just the smell of fresh soil, sends me to a frenzy.  I love getting my hands dirty.  I'm going to tell you a secret.  After someone finishes plowing or tilling up the ground, getting ready to plant, I love to take my shoes off and stick my bare feet into the soil.  The cool earth pressing between my toes is so relaxing for me.  I just love it!  Anywho, enough about that.  Sandy - Katie and I had a very hard time finding the perfect pot of flowers because there was so many to choose from.  After many disagreements, I picked a beautiful pot of multi-colored pink petunias.  I love petunias!  I know mom likes them as well.  I'll send you a picture of them.  They also had pots of Mandevillas.  I love the climbing Mandevillas whether they are pink or crimson, I just think they are so beautiful.  So, I thought mom should have a small pot them on her porch to enjoy for the Summer.  For the past three or four years, I've bought Mandevillas for my place and they are pretty hardy flowers.  Last year, mine lasted until the end of September.

Poor Katie was working on special Mother's Day cards tonight and ended up making a mess.  Bless her heart, she cried and cried.  The problem began with her using glitter glue pens.  Yeah!  There were three brand new pens that she received as a Christmas gift and she finally got to use them on something special.  She was trying to write with them like a regular pen.  It turned out really blobby and I expressed my concern saying that she would have to wait a very long time before all of the glue would completely dry.  She didn't care.  It wasn't long before Colton stuck his finger on one of the blobs of glitter glue.  "MOOOOM!"  I could hear down the hall.  "Colton's ruining my card!" Katie warns.  Well, yeah, he had some red glitter on his finger and a little on his shirt, but it wasn't the end of the world.  I told her that she could fix it.  So, I got him out of her way.  Next thing I know, Doug tells me that he hears her crying.  So I go to check on her.  She accidentally, got glitter glue all over her elbow and it smeared her red, silver and green glitter written Mother's Day card.  She was tore up.  She didn't like the idea of having to start all over.  It was late, so I told her to rest overnight and she'll do fine tomorrow making another one.  Wish her luck! 


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