Saturday, May 28, 2011

Congratulations Katie!

Eventhough Katie has to go to school one more day next week, we wanted to celebrate her graduating from Kindergarten last night. It was a small affair. Her school doesn't follow in some other school traditions by having a Kindergarten graduation event on school property. We didn't want her to miss out on the reward of accomplishing such a huge task as she did. We received her final report card on Thursday. She has mastered the skill (+ plus) of every single subject listed on her report card. YAY! We are so proud of her and expressed our happiness and congratulations with her last night. My parents, Doug's parents and us all met up here, showered Katie and Colton with gifts and drove to one of Katie's favorite restaurants for supper, Logan's Roadhouse. Katie really enjoyed her special day.
She noticed the Kit Heath jewelry at the store and really liked the slide bracelets.

Charms: strawberry, "K" and her birthstone.  I think she like her gift.

Colton is all about anything John Deere or cars.  He calls any John Deere equipment with their logo a "lawn mower".  If you try to correct him, he will get mad at you and let you know in a very stern voice that it is in fact a "LAWN MOWER".  LOL!

Katie posing.  It's funny, I send her to school with her hair looking nice and she comes home with it all in her face.  I guess it's a good sign that she is having a great time at school. 

G'ma Peggy and Paw-paw Millard gave her some more charms to put on her bracelet

G'ma Jerry and Papa John gave her a travel coloring book kit.  She absolutely loves it!  She's crazy about coloring all the time.

Colton's glad to be here

Katie's all smiles


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