Thursday, May 26, 2011

Field Day - Part 2

Field Day 2011

Katie Hula Hoop Video

She absolutely LOVES to Hula Hoop, as you can tell. I think she was getting a little tear towards the end of the song. My baby's got some moves. LOL!

Katie and "Cha-Cha Slide"

I thought this was so cute.

Katie had her last rehearsal tonight.  Yay!  We drove in a thunderstorm all the way to the auditorium.  Once we got to the building, the bottom fell out.  The wind was blowing so hard that the rain was blowing in the car, so I had to roll up the windows.  I was so hoping that the storm would die down when it was time to go inside.  Nope!  It never happened.  We had to run for it and I had my hands FULL.  We made anyway.  We looked like drowned rats.  Poor Katie had to go home with sockless tenny shoes because her socks were soaked.  We did good though. 

During rehearsal, I thought our group did excellent.  All the girls knew their parts and did really well.  I'm excited to see the entire ballet after seeing just snippets.  Of course, Katie had a ball.  I had to be the mean momma, calling her down.  She wouldn't stay quiet or still and then I kept catching misusing her vocabulary.  I blame school for her unique language.  Ugh!  The first project on my list is MANNERS 101.  I have a video of today's rehearsal.  I'll try to post it tomorrow. 

I'd like to give a very big . . .


We Love You!


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