Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Memorial Day spent in Tuscaloosa

We spent our Memorial Day by stepping upon college football's sacred ground. Yes, you heard me correctly. We visited Tuscaloosa and The University of Alabama campus. Doug thought it would be a nice day to visit T-Town, stop by the Paul "Bear" Bryant Museum, take pictures of the 2009 National Championship trophy along with Mark Ingram's Heisman Trophy.

As we drove down McFarland Blvd towards the museum and stadium, we took witness to the mass destruction from the April 27th EF4 storm that ripped through the city very close to the University Mall. So many businesses and homes were just wiped off the map. Unbelievable!

The temperature stayed in the mid 90s while we were visiting and I believe it. It was so hot and here I thought it would be a good idea to walk from building to building. Ugh! That was so DUMB. By the time we got back to our car, I was one big puddle of water. I wanted to tell Doug to just scoop me up and pour me back in the car. LOL! To top it off, Colton fought sleep all the way there; therefore, he was Mr. Crabbypants just about the entire time. YAY!!! Regardless, I had a great time. We got to go through the museum, walk around the Coleman Coliseum basketball court (Katie thought that was really cool). The gate to the football practice field was open, so we got to see inside it and take a picture or two. We figured the Heisman Trophy would be with the '09 National Championship CoachesTrophy inside the Bryant Museum, nope. Instead, it is located inside the Mal Moore Athletic Building, where Nick Saban's office is located. Doug asked if we could go see it. "Sure" answered one of the clerks. That building was a tomb, so quiet because everyone was gone for the day. Of course, Katie and Colton livened up the place by talking and laughing loudly. One of the employees, laughingly reassured me that it was alright for them to talk loud because no one was there. I was still embarrassed because we couldn't keep them quiet. Colton didn't like the fact that not only was it hot and he was tired, but he had to wear the leash. Yes, I broke out the harness bear with attached leash to keep Colton from running out in the street. He absolutely hates the bear. He expressed his disapproval the whole ENTIRE TIME. You gotta love it!

Items found inside the Paul "Bear" Bryant Museum

2011 Capital One Championship Trophy

Of course, we stopped by the stadium and I took a few pictures. I had Doug stop by the Denny Chimes and my favorite building. I have no clue what's inside this old plantation style home, but isn't it just beautiful. I tried to capture the Magnolia tree blossoms located on the front lawn, but they were pretty high up in the trees. I love a Magnolias, but hate the mess. So, I like going around and enjoying everyone elses. LOL!
Coach Nick Saban's statue erected much later after the 2009 National Championship

The graceful blossom of a beautiful Southern Magnolia

I love this idyllic antebellum plantation.  I can just imagine the Southernbelles with their wide reamed picnic hats to match their huge gowns.  Making their appearance off of the horse drawn carriage to one of many gatherings. 

After riding around, the kids were getting a little hungry and thirsty. While trying to find that perfect spot for a bite, we found a nice restaurant. It's called "Wings" and it's located across the street from the University Mall in a fairly new shopping center. We've never ate here before, but it looked interesting. I think their specialty is pizza because we noticed quite a few people eating it. Plus, they were having a special going on with the pizza - buy one, get the second free. You can't beat that price. Most of the pizzas averaged $18. We tried their Cheeseburger Pizza. It was so good! I've never had pickles on a pizza before, but the salty taste really made it delicious. We ordered Katie and Colton a plain cheese pizza. They both seemed to really love it! Colton is very picky and he ate a slice. Another reason for liking this place, they cater to the kids. Not only do the children receive crayons and coloring sheet, but a small sample container of Fruit Loops, which Colton absolutely loves. They also got to play in raw pizza dough. I love the smell of pizza dough, it's the yeast that smells so good. Yum! Both of the kids tried a taste of the raw dough. Colton seemed to like it because he had a couple bits. Katie asked if it was alright to eat it. Not knowing how their little bodies would react to yeast dough, I told her it was okay just don't eat too much. 


Malorie said...

What a wonderful way to spend Memorial Day! ROLL TIDE!

Laura said...

I would say that ya'll had a perfect Memorial Day!!