Sunday, May 15, 2011

Why I'm So Busy

(This was written Friday)
Happy Birthday Doug! 
I Love You Very Much!

Doug's Birthday Dinner
Yesterday, my wonderful husband celebrated his 43rd birthday. Yay! I think he had a good day. Colton and I met him for lunch with a few other colleagues from work. Later, Doug and I met up with a few family members for supper at Wintzell's Oyster House. We had such a good time.
Sisterly Love
By the way, mom got an epidural the other day and was fitted with a back brace.  So far, it's doing the job and she felt great yesterday.  The doctor wants her to come back soon for another shot.  Thank you dear Lord above, mom is actually out of severe pain in a long time. 

Meet Sarah, Ryan's new friend.  Isn't she so pretty?  Her personality matches her beauty. 

And these two will be busy, busy these next few months.  Leslie will be graduating Nursing School in December and then planning their life together soon after that.  They are so cute together!

Dad ordered two dozen oysters on the half shell and only got to eat 6.  LOL!

Uncle Roger and Aunt Sherry's visit
Uncle Roger and Aunt Sherry stopped by for a visit on their way to spend some time with his family. We always enjoy them visiting. We got so tickled at Sherry last night. She tried her very first raw oyster. It was hilarious watching her eat it and the terrible faces she was making. So funny! To top it off, she pulled a Grandma Annie. If you don't know, my Grandma was the best at what she did and that was steal everything from restaurants and hotels that's not nailed down. LOL! I know that sounds terrible, but it's true. At restaurants, she loved taking the sugar and creamer or on a rare occasion, with the waiter turning his/her back, she got to take a keepsake glass or tray. HAHA! Well, last night Sherry stepped up to the Ann plate. Apparently, Kevin mentioned that he wanted the Yuengling pitcher from our table. Aunt Sherry asked the waiter and he was nice enough to say that he didn't see anything. HAHA! Doug had a hard time believing that Sherry walked out of Wintzell's with a plastic pitcher in her purse.  I couldn't believe she fit that big ol' thing in her purse!  LOL!  Oh, the laughs. 

Natalie's Graduation
We are so proud of Natalie and all the other nieces and nephews.  Natalie graduates with an Associate Degree for General Study from our local college.  Next Fall, she'll be headed to UAH and playing ball for the school. 

Congratulations Natalie!
Katie's Ballet Rehearsal
We are going to be busy for the next few days and weekends until the big recital. Katie likes to tell everyone about her pretty Spanish tutu for the performance.  We had pictures last weekend.  She chose her pose.  She was a little disappointed that she couldn't stick her leg out, like actually stuck out without bracing herself.  I told her that she couldn't do that because it takes too long for the photographer to set up everything and get the pose just right and she would be tried with her leg out during that time.  Of course, she didn't listen to me.  Thankfully, Mrs. Anna told Katie what her stance should be for the picture.  I think it will turn out very pretty.  I love the background this year, a nice Spring background. 

School coming to an end
Because of all the CRAZY weather, Katie's school will have to stay in session until the very last day of May. Fortunately, starting Monday they will not be overloading this time together with book work or worrying about placement scores. Instead, they will be taking this opportunity to make memories with each other and just having fun. Mrs. M sent home her schedule for the next two weeks and I'm jealous that I only get to attend two events. LOL! I think about every day the kids will have an opportunity to bring something of theirs from home to share with the class. I still can not believe that my baby is turning 6 in the next couple of months and she will be going into the first grade. Yikes! Where has time gone?

Katie's Summer Plans
I've been making out a Summer schedule for Katie. I would like for her to have a great kid fun Summer, but I also don't want her to forget what she's learned this past year. I hope to make her vacation time fun, memorible and yet always a learning experience.

She'll get to have a break from dance, but will have the opportunity to try out gymnastics. She seems excited because she's been begging me for the past few months to take gymnastics, I really think it's because her few of her friends take it. One day last week, I got to speak with the Gym Coach and ask her opinion. I told her Katie's history with dance and how she wants to try out gymnastics. You'll laugh because I know absolutely nothing about gymnastics. On the Summer sign-up, there was a list for Tumbling and another one for Kindergym. They were both being offered for Katie's age, but what's the difference? After being enlightened by the Coach, I signed Bug up for Kindergym. Coach said if she loves dance as much as she does that she'll probably enjoy the bars and balance beam a lot better than the mats. Plus, the mats are more preferred by the older kids or parents that want to encourage their star students to enter into cheer. Sounded good to me. Thankfully, you can pay tuition a month at a time. I told Katie that we would try it out next month and see what happens after that. Wish us luck!

Katie is so excited to get back into swimming lessons. This will be her fourth year of swimming lessons. RA is doing such a great job with her in the years past. I'm excited to see what magic she can get Katie to do this year. This year's swimming lessons will tell us if Katie will be ready to try out for the swim team next year, if she wants to try out. Last year, I spoke with the swim coach and eventhough the eligible age is 6 years old, we all feel Katie should wait to try out next year; however, she encouraged me to take Katie to a few of the meets this year. We'll have to work it into our schedule.

As far as school work. You know, reading, writing, and actually learning something new during her Summer vacation. Well, I've got a list of assignments that I want her to accomplish. I would like to work on a few small trouble areas that I've noticed this year. She writes pretty good, but her word spacing needs attention. So, I hope I found a great writing trainer. It's called "RediSpace Transitional Notebook Paper". It may help students to transition from primary paper to wide-ruled paper and promotes legibility (another weak spot), but it will teach her proper spacing and help her with the appropriate letter size. Yay! I'm so excited for her. She absolutely loves to draw and picture and write a story about the picture. So, I found another great thing for her to continue to write these incredible stories. I purchased a "Primary Journal". I love it! To help her review the proper formation of letters, I purchased "Lowercase Letter Stories". Towards the back of the booklet, you can practice writing specific words such as "eat, queen, fan, funny, etc." I'm really going to focus on how to write these words as part of her sight word section. I have a list of the sight words that she's learned this year, so I'm hoping to exercise them with her and I might add a few more. I've got a Problem Solving booklet to exercise her logic. Basically, it's a little bit of everything. She loves to do these type booklets. I've got a few sites bookmarked online to help us with math and science. We've got a few science experiments to try that I found from one site. You'll have to check in from time to time to see what fun and messy experiment we've tried. I'll be sure to share the experience with you.

Katie's New Friend
We have fairly new neighbors down the street. They moved in a couple of days before the tornado hit town. Doug and I meet them during the tornado tragedy, while we were checking in on our neighbors. We found out they had a 6 year old little girl that will be starting the city school system next Fall. Meanwhile, her mom is driving her to her current school until school is out for the Summer. We introduced the girls last week and they really hit it off. Now, "S" comes over after school and the girls either hit Katie's room or outside to play. I couldn't be more happy with the two girls becoming good friends. "S" is so well mannered and polite. It might be because of the age difference, but I'm hoping S will be a good influence on Katie. Katie and S are already planning their Summer together with spend the night parties and going places together. My gosh the memories these two girls are going to make with one another. I hate the fact that we found a new friend for Katie during this type circumstance, but I'm pleased.


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