Monday, May 16, 2011

Natalie's Graduation & Black and Gold Day

To show support for our town and what we've been through these past several days, the school superintendent advised all people that they would be having a "Black and Gold Day" for our first day back to school. Well, beings Katie didn't like her school colors, I gave her school shirt away. I asked Katie if I got her another shirt, would she wear it to school. She agreed that she would, so here we go looking for another shirt. At "Cummings", they had a few in stock, but not in her size. Fortunately, the clerk said that they could make us one within minutes. We would just need to pick out which design that we liked the best.  She loves her new shirt because it's shiny.  LOL! 
Black and Gold Day

My niece, Natalie, graduated from a local junior college last Friday. She received an associates degree in General Studies.  She will begin UAH next Fall to achieve her dream to become a Physical Therapist.  We've joked around saying that I will go back to school and become a Physical Therapist Assistant.  Jon also said he could become a PTA.  That way, when Natalie opens up her business, she'll have two assistants and Maryann will be the receptionist/bookkeeper.  LOL!  Of course, Natalie smiles and says that it sounds good to her. 

She graduated with "Who's Who In America's Junior Colleges and kept a 3.5 or above GPA.

Natalie gives me the thumbs up after receiving her diploma.

Proud parents: Maryann, Natalie and Kevin

Proud grandparents: mom, Natalie, and dad

Proud great-uncle and aunt: Roger, Natalie and Sherry

Nathan and Natalie
My mom can never remember Nathan's name. The night of the graduation, she called him Nolan.  To make light of the situation, I told her "no, mom, Nolan is her granddaughter's husband.  May I introduce to you, Nathan."  Nathan's been around for almost a year now, so it's not like he just started showing up.  LOL!  I guess we all get this way from time to time.  I'm just as guilty for calling someone by the wrong name. 

I forgot to post a picture of mom's flowers that I picked up for Sandy.  The flowers to mom was a gift for Mother's Day. Sandy, here they are and they look so pretty on mom's back porch. 


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