Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Katie's Artwork - 2012

Above Artwork by Katie - Spring 2012 

 What a surprise when I found an order form in Katie's backpack for this beautiful picture!?! At first, I thought it was just a sample of someone else's artwork. Little did I know that it was actually Katie's artwork herself. Yes, she created this piece of art with the help of her art teacher at school. I LOVE IT! I quickly grabbed my laptop and placed my order online. I just ordered a bunch of magnets to keep and give away because I know a few family members that would love this on their fridge.

I know Katie has slowly grown an interest in drawing and creating pictures, but never THIS!  I think she got her talent from her mama because I loved to doodle and draw when I was her age.  When I became a teen and involved in other activities, I stopped practicing my drawing and eventually lost interest.  I'll have to sit down with her and see if she would like to do more with this God given talent.  Stay tuned . . .



Laura said...

Awesome artwork, Katie!

The Keyes Family said...

it is very cute! go katie. Pretty amazing for her age too.