Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Photo Trees with Details


I wanted to repost Leslie Bridal Shower table displays because I was in a hurray the first time.  I had also noticed that Blogger and Photobucket had made some changes that I had to get reacquainted with their tools.  

I made the two photo tree vases decorations for the my niece's bridal shower.  They were very easy to make and were the talk of the shower.  It was a unique way to display all the photos I took of her and her fiancé.  I feel it is a little more organized rather than tables and stacks of framed engagement pictures.  


The theme color was pool, so I had to put on my creative thinking cap.  The vases were loaned to me by my sister, but she purchased them from Hobby Lobby.  The retail price is $27, but she was able to get them half off.  These vases are pretty tall, as you can see.  I needed a heavy filler so they would not fall over, but nothing to easily break the glass.  Whitney and I both were thinking aquarium pebbles.  Perfect! I used a big bag and one half to fill it half way.  

The branches that allow the photos to hang, I purchased from Hobby Lobby.  I used one bunch per vase.  Retail price for the bunch is $7.99, but I paid half price. I had some silver spray paint and painted the branches, after I snipped them apart.  Working with the branches, you really have to just play and make it as evenly fanned out as possible (snipping a little off and repositioning).  I cut strips of wide iridescent tulle and stuck down as I worked with the branches.  

The tulle is used to cover up the ends of the branches.  Once the sticks/branches are in place and where you want them, I purchased a spool of silk matching ribbon (3"). 

Feed the ribbon threw the rhinestone buckles and wrap around the mid-section of the vase, between the pebbles and tulle.  Cut the length of ribbon that you need.  In order to tack the ribbon to the vases, I sprayed a little spray adhesive glue on the inside of the ribbon (will face the vase).  Position the ribbon where you need it.  Make sure the buckle is in the front center and smooth the ribbon down as much as you can.  The ribbon must meet evenly in the back.  You may have to play with it a few times, to get it just right.  Don't worry, the adhesive makes the ribbon tacky.  So can take it apart as much as you need to get it perfect for your vase.  Now your beautiful  photo tree is nearly complete.  Just add photos. 

I cut my black and white photos into 3" circles.  Make sure there will be even numbered of photos because I took two photos after they are cut and glued the backs together.  I made a total number of 18 sets of circle photos (9 photo circle per vase).  It was just right and not too cluttered.  I punched flower shaped holes on the top of each circle and thread some matching ribbon (1/2-1" wide).  Tie a pretty bow at the end because it will be in view.  Hang the small photo circles all over in an even setting.  I found some cascading pearl garland to decorate and I think it added the perfect touch.

My niece loved them and will be using them for her reception at the wedding, which made my day.  I love it when some one really likes my madness.  LOL!    

Simple, Easy and Elegant.   


I was also in charge of the fruit platter.  I had planned to do the simple everyday big platter filled with assorted fruits.  That is until I saw a picture of my cousin-in-law's post of her mother's fruit display for a baby shower that Laura was hosting.  Brilliant!  It just so happened that I have an extra large cake plate and a regular size.  I always use them as tiers for my desserts at family gatherings.  I was thinking, this can be done at the last minute.  

What you see above was easily done.  I used a long silver serving tray, small silver bowl and two cake plates (1 regular & 1 extra large sizes).  The silver tray is straight out front with the bowl inside to the left side.  I couldn't put the cake plate inside the tray without it taking up too much room.  I needed all the room I could get because we were expecting 50+ people to show.  So, I stood the extra large cake plate just behind the tray.  The regular cake plate is on top and to the right side of the extra large plate.  I filled up the extra large cake plate first because it would keep things stable.  

I used a fresh pineapple.  Cut it in half, set the top part to the side, put the inside pineapple meat to the side.  Hole out the bottom part of the pineapple.  Make gig-gags along the top.  The fruit I used: oranges, strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, seedless grapes (cut into small clusters), cantaloupe, and pineapple.  I placed lettuce leaves down on the plates and tray before setting the fruit out.  My friend, Robin, brought a bunch of material to decorate the table and we thought it would look great threaded around the plates and tray for display.  I'm sorry, but it really added a decorator touch.



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