Friday, December 7, 2007

Prayer Request

Wednesday, Mom woke up in extreme pain from her hip down her left leg. The way she explained the pain, it sounded more like muscle spasms. While Dad was off running errands and doing his morning walk, Mom said she nearly fainted just walking to the bathroom. She promised me, she would stay in a chair until Dad got home. She refused Katie and myself coming over. She assured me that Dad would take care of her. I checked on her a couple more times during the day. She didn't sound good at all, but Dad was bringing her meals and assisting her as needed.

Yesterday, Katie and I got dressed, packed up a few things and drove over to Mom and Dad's house to spend the day. Mom didn't want us there, but I told her "tough." Later that day, she told me (teary eyed) that she wasn't ready for her daughters to take care of her. She thought she would have a few more years behind her before she would have to depend on some one's help. Help to do the necessary, every day things like go to the bathroom or have her meals prepared for her. I know she still has to have a little pride in herself and I hope I was considerate enough to her feelings and pride. Yeah, I had to tell her a few times that this is the way it's going to be. But I had to say it because Mom and Dad are so afraid of inconveniencing anyone. I had prayed the night before, God would put His hand on Katie. I didn't have a babysitter, so I had to take her with me to Mom and Dad's. I had no idea what the day would bring us, I left it up to God. I didn't know if I would have to take Mom to the hospital, doctor's office or just sit there and hold her hand. Peggy is normally off work on Thursday, but she already had plans until 1:00. Both Mom and myself, called her doctor's office all morning until I finally got a hold of a nurse around 3:00. I explained to the nurse what was going on and she suggested going ahead and taking her to the hospital. Now, Mom had to decide which hospital she wanted to go to. I got a hold of Sue, June & Maryann and let them know what was going on and that we would keep them in touch as soon as we knew something further. Peggy came by, picked up Katie and took her back to our house. Dad, Mom and I loaded up and went to St. V's. I felt so bad for her while I was helping her to the car. The pain was all over her face. By the time we got to the hospital, she began to shake uncontrollably. At first, I thought she was colder, but she said she was fine. She just couldn't stop shaking. The ER ran very smooth. I couldn't believe we were at the ER because the whole process went so smooth. Mom didn't have to do a thing, but sit in her wheel chair and breathe. They let me sign her in and I didn't have to fill out a book of paper work, just to get her admitted. Shoo! No waiting room. In fact, a nurse came over, took Mom's vitals and away we went to a room. What? It's too bad not all ERs operate this way. If I had to guess, the doctor was assisting Mom within 30 minutes from the time we got settled in the room. Wow! Dr. Dawson was very compassionate and gentle with Mom. He really seem to listen to her and spent as much time as possible with her. Since Mom has an appointment next week to have her third Saddle Block, Dr. Dawson thought it would be best to just give her some muscle relaxers and high powered pain pills to get her through the weekend. Yes! They went ahead and gave her two shots for temporary relief until we could get the prescriptions filled. We were out the door of the hospital and in the car by 6:00. The nurses suggested one pharmacy that was open until 8:00. The directions, we received took us straight in the middle of a Christmas Parade. Yuck! Not too sure where we were going, we found a CVS and Dad took the prescriptions in to get filled. Yes! I guess we got back home around 7:30 or so. It took us a while to get Mom back in the house, but we got her all settled. June and Nic brought her over some supper and we got her some meds in her. The type of medicine Mom's taking, I don't plan on hearing from her very much this weekend. She called me this morning around 10:00 and reported that she was still here. She said she thinks she did alright last night. I went over to their house tonight with supper and she was out of it. She just looked at me dazed. I asked her how she was feeling. All she would say is "I don't know." I had to chuckle and informed her that apparently the drugs are working, if she doesn't know if she's in pain or not. She told me that she fell asleep talking to her brother, Rex, on the phone. She said she woke up hearing him say over the phone "hey, are you still there?" I asked her, "that's some good stuff, huh?" I know when I was on the same stuff with my wisdom teeth, I would be out and not really know it. It hits you that quick. She added, she spilled her water on her because she fell asleep while holding it. Some good stuff!

I ask that you please keep my Mom in your prayers that these pain killers will work up to her doctor's appointment for the Saddle Block. Also, pray this third shot will do the trick and she will be pain free.

This morning, Katie and I loaded up the car and did a little more Christmas shopping. Yes! Ladies and Gentlemen, I'm finally finished with all of my Christmas shopping. Are ya jealous? tehe! Just kiddin'. This is the part of Christmas I love, to sit back and enjoy the season. Hey, to all of you last minute shoppers. If you need a gift for Mom and Dad, they are in need of bed linens (Queen size). Belk was having a pretty good sale on their sheets, so I got them a set and a light blanket. Yeah, yeah. I know what you are going to say, "what happened to the slide scanner?" Well, the scanner Maryann, June & I were looking at had been discontinued and the next good quality model scanner was $200, after rebate. Yuck! We, including Susan, still think it would be a great idea, to get Mom and Dad's old slides scanned and saved onto a disk. Maryann wondered if we could find someone, for this price, to scan all of the slides for us. May be we can discuss this idea again next year. Can you believe Belk is already getting their Spring/Summer lines in stock? I had to exchange a dress Katie received from Millard and Peggy. They didn't have anything different, so I decided to go ahead and get one of the new lines. It's pretty cute! The shirt and skort has grasshoppers & ladybugs all over it. I had to get this other polo shirt, pink button up with white daisies. I think Katie will look so cute in them.

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Laura said...

Sorry to hear about your mom! Gosh, I hope she gets to feeling better soon! Please let her know that we're thinking about her.