Saturday, December 1, 2007

Santa Claus Is Coming To Town!

Susan and I got to talking this morning and we thought it would be a good idea to visit Mom. I know Mom had not been able to physically decorate for Christmas. We thought it would be nice to decorate her house for her. Us girls love to decorate for the holidays, but we didn't get too carried away. Mom was so surprised to see us (including Leslie) driving up in her driveway. Mom gave her Christmas tree (from last year) away, so we piled up in my car and here we go to Wally World. Against Mom's approval, Susan and I picked up a 3 foot pre-lit Christmas tree. Mom wanted a little bitty spit of a tree to put on her table. She thought a 3 foot would be too big. Well, it fit perfectly and she was pleasantly surprised how well it looked. While we were out and about, we decided to take Mom around to do a little Christmas shopping. She still had a few people on her gift list. Susan, Leslie & myself helped her with some gift suggestions and she was able to get all of her shopping done. Back at the house, Leslie and I decorated the tree, while Susan decorated the rest of the house. I think Mom liked the way the house looked. I know she enjoyed having the company more than anything.

While I was at Mom's house, Doug stayed here and finished decorating the yard. Yes, we have most if not all of our Christmas decorating complete. Frosty is outside standing by the Christmas tree, greeting all passerby. Santa's sleigh and reindeer are waiting patiently for Ol' St. Nick to show up out on the lawn. It was a perfect day to get outside and do either yard maintenance or decorating for the holidays. When I left Mom & Dad's house and headed back home, I noticed a lot of people outside decorating and racking leaves. Katie fell asleep before I even hit the highway. She was exhausted! We let her sleep on the couch until about 4:30-5:00. Doug and I turned on all the lights throughout the house and outside. We had to wake Katie up to see the lights. She loves her Snowman. She had to have a chair up to the window, so she could check on the lights ever so often. She was admiring all of the ornaments on our Christmas tree when she noticed the Santa Claus'. She said, "You got to be good to Santa, he brings you presents." I asked her if she had been good. "Uh huh," she answered with her eyes all big. Of course, she had to remind me a few more times on how you have to be good to Santa and he'll bring you presents. It amazes me every day the little things she remembers.

What do ya'll think about the final two big football teams left (Ohio St. & Georgia)? Wow! I don't think anyone was expecting these two teams. I think I would like to see Georgia win this one. Normally, I would root for Ohio State because my Mom's from the State of Ohio, but I like to see the underdog win it.

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