Saturday, December 15, 2007

Camping Out By The Christmas Tree

I remember when my Mom would let me sleep by or under the Christmas tree every year because it was tradition. Well, I've passed the tradition down to Katie last night for the first time. She couldn't understand why I wanted to keep the Living Room floor clear, put up the toys. Then she saw me pull out the air mattress, sheets, blanket & pillows. She'd ask, "whatcha doing Mom?" I didn't want to tell her too much because I was afraid it would affect her sleeping. I calmly told her, we needed to get ready for bed. Right off the bat, she wanted me to read her a story. This is one of her many ways of stalling going to sleep. When I got the bed inflated and putting on the sheets, she was bouncing all over it. I had the hardest time calming her down for the night. Doug went on to the bedroom because for some reason, he didn't want to send the night with us. After he left, I turned the TV over to "It's A Wonderful Life." I just love this movie. Of course, it's one of the long list of traditional, all classic Christmas movies that is a must watch. Luckily, I TiVoed it because Katie wouldn't let me watch it. She wanted to have a pillow fight. Then, she tried flying off the couch onto the mattress, which she reported to me that it was fun. Of course, you have the run and jump on Mommy while she's lying down, trying to watch a classic movie type fun. It took me about 30 minutes to an hour to get her settled down and asleep. I know now why I don't like her sleeping with me, she's a bed hog. Before she finally went to sleep, she got right on top of me and said, "I sleep with Mommy."

Our next door neighbor called this afternoon. Her little grandson, Will, had Katie a Christmas present and it was killing him to not give it to her. Unfortunately, Katie was still taking her nap, but I told her I would call when she got up. I got to thinking, Mrs. Evelyn & her family always comes over to our house. I thought it would be nice for us to go over there once. As soon as Katie woke up, I cleaned her up and here we go. Will and her seem to have lots of fun playing at his grandma's house. Evelyn, Charles & I stayed in the Living Room talking, while the kids were in the back bedroom playing. Apparently, Katie found the candy because here she came with a sucker. Oh well, there goes Supper. I guess it's alright every once in a while to be filled up on junk food. I got Katie pulled away from playing with cars & airplanes long enough to open up her gifts from Will and Mrs. Evelyn & Mr. Charles. Will gave her a couple of Winter outfits & a stuffed snowgirl (too cute). Mr. Charles & Mrs. Evelyn gave her a baby doll (so sweet). I knew Mrs. Evelyn was fixing Will's Supper, so I had to pull Katie away from having fun with Will. I hated it, but he needed to eat and we had to go visit my Mom.

Doug, Katie and I went over to Mom and Dad's this evening. Her condition seems to be improving every day and her doctor wants her to walk around the house approximately 20 minutes a day. She says that she is still a little weak and I've noticed she's having problems getting to the potty in time. Susan came by this morning and assisted Mom in her bath. From what I understand, the doctor instructed Mom not to run the shower down her back. Thankfully, she has one of those telephone shower cords. I'm sure that helped out a lot along with a seat, you could sit down in the shower. I know Mom was so happy to get a bath after several days without one. Everyone has been so sweet to send cards, flowers, call her by phone & come by to visit. She appreciates all the encouragement and love from everyone. Thank You! My Aunt Sherry (Mom's sister) & Uncle Roger are leaving tomorrow to come visit Mom. Aunt Sherry went through a similar back surgery and she wants to come and help Mom out. She knows what she's going through, so she'll be a big encouragement. Plus, it doesn't hurt us girls to have Sherry here because she knows how to handle Mom when she gets unruly.

Hope you have a wonderful week and remember Christmas is right around the corner. Are you ready? Ho Ho Ho! :)

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