Friday, December 28, 2007

Mom Had A Heart Attack

Happy New Year!

Yesterday, Mom was rushed to the ER from the rehab clinic. At first, they thought she was having a stroke. She was complaining of chest and back pains the whole time she was in the ER examining room. They ran an ultrasound for her head and there were no signs of a stroke. The EKG was showing that her heart beats were a little abnormal, she was having a slight heart attack. A Cardiologist went in and said it looks like a blood clot formed inside of her heart and her body absorbed it. He went on to say that her arteries were clear, but her heart was apparently stunned because the front part of the heart has stopped beating. He said the front part of her heart should start beating in the next 2-3 weeks. We asked the doctor what could have brought this heart attack. Considering the amount of stress Mom has been under for the past month, could have to been the key factor. After the procedure, they wheeled her over to CVICU and only two people can visit her at a time. The amount of people from our family took up a nice size waiting room, but we were all so scared.

Doug and I went this afternoon to visit Mom at the hospital. On the way to the hospital, we received some more bad news about her condition. Her blood work came back to show there was a growth in her blood, "infectious disease in her blood." She underwent an ultrasound to see if the infection was coming from her Gall Bladder, Kidneys or Liver. The staff told us that we probably wouldn't find out the results until tomorrow morning. She is still in CVICU, so I called her nurse around 9:00 to see if they got the results back from the ultrasound and if she was doing okay. The male nurse said the results from the ultrasound didn't show anything significant. The infection wasn't coming from any major organs, but they are still trying to find out where it's coming from. He went on to tell me that this infection really isn't a disease, but more like a virus and can be treated with antibiotics. They just need to find out what is causing the infection in her blood. Today, Mom seemed to be in good spirits and all she wanted was a chocolate milk shake. I asked the nurse to order it for her supper, so I hope she got it. I know she was having a hard time talking because she would be out of breath from the fluid on her heart.

I told Dad and Maryann that we would stay home tomorrow and keep our ears to the phone. Dad said he would call us if there any changes and if we needed to come down. I've been away from Katie off and on for so long that it's really messing her up. If I step out the door, she thinks I'm leaving again and it gets her upset. She wants me to hold her a lot more than normal and her schedule is off. Maybe me staying home tomorrow will help things around here, with Katie. We appreciate all of the prayers out there and we just ask that you will please continue.

We met Millard and Peggy at Cracker Barrel for supper. I noticed CB had all of their Christmas items 70% off. I had to slap my hands a couple of times because I would see something and knew that we didn't need it. If your looking for some good sales for children, Gymboree is having a good sale right with items up to 60% off. I would like to get Katie the red corduroy heart tee shirt for Valentines Day. I'd like to get up to the store one day and just see what they've got because I don't like having to pay for shipping.

I spoke to Liz late tonight and Lilly still hasn't come yet. Sarah and Allan went to the hospital this morning to be induced and it seems as if Sarah isn't ready. Liz said she began dilating this afternoon and has been at 3 since around 3:00. She said the doctor has thought about sending them home. Who knows! Please keep them in your prayers.

Children Product Recalls
I received a recall notice from CPSC.
Tot Tower Blocks recalled by eeBoo Corps; Children's Toy Can Cause a Choking Hazard.

Gap Outlet recalls Boys' Jackets; Drawstring Poses an Entrapment Hazard.

Have a great New Year's Eve weekend!

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