Monday, December 3, 2007

Playing In The Leaves

Katie and I enjoyed this morning outside getting some fresh air. We got all coated up and I took her on a long hike in the back of our house. She had a blast! We came to the creek. Oh, wow! She was having a fit. Katie informed me that there was water. "Water Mommy, water." I thought I was going to have a hard time keeping her out of the creek, but I really didn't have a problem. Of course on the way back, I had to carry Katie on my back. In the yard, she was having fun playing with the leaves. I grabbed the rake and piled some leaves up for her to play until it was time to go back inside the house.

Please remember my Mom in your prayers. She is scheduled to have her shot on the 12th of December. I know she's ready to get it over with and back to walking. Let's just hope this shot will do it for her.

I've been going through the television guide and marking all the Christmas movies, I want to record. The ones I've already recorded have already been paying off. When I have to do laundry, clean the house or wash dishes, I select one of the Christmas movies and let Katie watch them. She is in love with "How The Grinch Stole Christmas," "Shrek The Halls," and "Snoppy" off of the "Peanuts." I've seen a commercial for a Sesame Street Christmas Special on the UBN station that I would love to record. The only thing is I don't know when it's coming on. I pressed the arrow to the right until all the guide will say is "To Be Announced." Every time Katie sees the commercial, she wants to watch Sesame Street. Do you know how hard it is to explain to a two year old that it's just a commercial and we can't watch it right now? She'll begin begging me as I'm trying to explain the situation. When I finally find out what night the Sesame Street Christmas Special comes on, I'll let you know.

I've got lots of things planned for us to do during the month, I hope we'll be able to do them. I'm wanting to make Christmas cookies with Katie. I would like to get a cookie press because it would make things a little easier. I remember helping my Mom decorate Christmas cookies with a cookie press. I remember her pressing out green trees and red bells, then I would decorate them with colored sugar sprinkles. Do you remember the small silver balls of sugar? I can't find them anymore. Katie and I have to spend one night sleeping by the Christmas tree. Sleeping by or under the Christmas tree is tradition. Another tradition is going to the annual Christmas Arts & Craft Fair. Katie will get to open one gift from Daddy & Mommy before it's Christmas time. My Mom would do this every year, which made it very special. Finally, we have to go driving around and looking at all the spectacular lighting displays, this is my favorite.

I can't hardly believe Christmas will be here so quickly. I still have a couple of gifts to buy and preparations to make. I was able to finish my Christmas cards and put them in the mail box this morning. I'm sure our mail lady loved receiving all of that today.

Take care and have a wonderful week!

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The Thorsrud Family said...

i always make spritz every year. I had an off brand cookie press that didnt work well and then last year I got a Wilton cookie press and it works great. I ordered it online. Good luck!!