Sunday, December 16, 2007

Let It Snow, Let It Snow

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Brrrr! What happened over night? Day before yesterday it was 80 + degrees and now it's 33 degrees this morning as we were headed to church. This year gets my award for the most weird weather. When church was over, Doug went to get the car and get it warmed up. Can you believe it was snowing on us as we were leaving the church house? It wasn't a whole lot of snow just flurries. I'm still waiting for the snow storm of the history. Do you remember the snow storm of '93? Wow! What a Winter Wonderland? I would love to see Katiebug get all coated up and playing in the snow. Why is it if we are going to get snow, it comes around Spring time? Oh, well.

Aunt Sherry & Uncle Roger left their house today and is headed here for a little while. I believe, they said they would be spending the night half way here and will be at Mom & Dad's some time tomorrow. Please keep them in your prayers that they have a safe trip.

I spoke to Mom this afternoon, she sounded tired. She said she got up walking 10 times today. Her doctor wanted her walking around the house for 20 minutes a day and starting tomorrow, he wants her to walk around 30 minutes every day. Mom's afraid she can't make it 30 minutes a day. She did say she was able to make it to the bathroom today by herself. Words just can not express the joy I feel in my heart to see my Mom being without pain. Yeah, she's not 100%, but I know God's fulfilling her needs the way He sees fit. It has crushed my heart to see her in so much pain for the last year and now she can get up out of a chair without any pain. PRAISE GOD! This is just another case where He has answered prayers in His time and in His own way. It's too bad, we're not as patient and understanding as our Lord, God. I know when something happens to me, I want it fixed right away. Then I have to realize, God will provide what is needed.

Are you ready for Christmas? I can't believe Christmas Eve will be here a week from tomorrow. Where has time gone? Beings we will be hosting the annual Christmas Eve party this year, I still have a few small things I have to put in place. For instance, get plenty of plastic ware such as cups, plates, silverware, and bowls(hopefully, this will help out on the water shortage), order the meat & cheese platter, make some Christmas cookies and clean the house thoroughly.

Don't work too hard tomorrow and have a great week!

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