Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Did You Hear?

Ballet Practice
Yesterday, I made it through ballet practice. I was talking to one of my new friends, Kim, about Katie pee-peeing in her leotards last week with Doug. Kim started laughing. She said that she felt so bad for Doug because there was no clothes to change her in. I explained that I've been really sick lately and he was helping me out by taking her to practice. Kim and another lady (don't know her name yet) made me feel better by say that they are surprised that their little girls haven't had an accident yet. Both of their little girls just turned 4 years old. It was fun swapping girl stories. While Katie was in practice, I went over to the ballet store and picked her up a skirt and an extra pair of tights. I know, I know. I said this will probably be the last month Katie will be taking ballet. I just hate taking that away from her because I might get sick on the way to practice. I'm still hoping the morning sickness won't be so bad this time around. When I got back from the store, I finally got a sneak peek of them practicing. Anna does so well with all those little girls. When I saw them, they were all laying on the floor and stretching their necks and arms out. They were all lined up in two rows. Katie looked like she was having so much fun. I heard Anna say pretend you're an airplane. Katie was grinning and laughing with her arms stretched out. That morning, I preached to her about telling Mrs. Anna if she has to go pee-pee. Sure enough, one of Anna's helpers came out with Katie. Katie was jumping up and down and running around. I had a terrible time getting her to calm down to go potty. She didn't do a thing, but at least she told them that she had to go potty. lol!

On the way home, Katie talked my ears off about ballet. She told me what they did like running around in circles, dancing and playing with her friends. It was so cute hearing her talking about her experience. She told me, "Mom, I like my teacher. I have fun with her and she gives me pink ballet stickers."

Doctor's Appointment
Tomorrow is a big day for me and baby Mason. I get another once over at the doctor's office and if the baby is still measuring 9 + weeks old, we will be released next week from Dr. Long's care. You get a sense of relief that the baby is still doing great and growing, but at the same time you get a sense of fear. You know in your heart, you're baby won't get the weekly supervision from here on out. Actually, the baby won't need the weekly supervision and constant blood testing like you need at the very early time of pregnancy. Peggy and Millard are planning to pick Katiebug up tonight to spend the night with them. I don't like to stay away from home too long after an appointment because the way I've been getting sick, but I hope to stop off at Target to pick up a few things that we need at home. Poor Doug has been the grocery shopping Dad for the past few weeks. There are certain things that I can't expect him to pick up like Mr. Clean Magic Erasers. I'm sure I'll make it just fine.

Remember When
As a teenager, the big nightly soap opera was "90210". I really like that show and couldn't wait to get to school and talk about it with my girlfriends. At one point during college life, I stopped watching the show that is until I got married. Doug was a big "90210" and "Melrose Place" guy. We picked up right where we left off with the two shows until they were cancelled. Well, now "90210" is back with all new faces and a few old faces like Kelli, Brenda and The Peach Pit. As I was laying in bed sick, Doug told me that it was on. I had to stay up and watch it. It reminded me a lot of the old one. I hope it changes times or nights because right now it comes on at the same time "House" is on. The new "House" premiere's is suppose to come on next week and I don't want to miss it.

Tide News
Did you hear about this? On the local news, it was reported that Clemson's football coach, Tommy Bowden, called up Nick Saban, Alabama's football coach the other day. Literally, he asked Saban what the Clemson team did wrong during the game last weekend. He was desperately seeking help on how to get his team back in shape and ready for the next game. Wow! The reporters didn't report what Saban's response was to Bowden's questions. By the way, Alabama went from a #25 in the poll to #13. That's great! Plus, be watching the news stands for the new Sports Illustrated because the Tide made the front cover. This magazine went on sale last night.

Beach Trip Worries
I'm beginning to get a little anxious about the beach trip in 3 weeks. This anxiety is because of back to back hurricanes out in the ocean. If you don't know, there are currently three storms out there - Hannah, Ike & now Josephine. All three should pass by in the next week, but still what's to come next. Ike's path is headed for the Gulf, which could be bad news for the coastal states again. Like Laura, I'm hoping our hotel will be there in the next few weeks. Isn't that terrible to think that way?

NOLA Evacuees
Lastly, our local news reporters interviewed a few of the NOLA evacuees last night. The reporters asked them how their stay has been in Alabama? Every person they interviewed could do nothing but complain about Alabama's hospitality. Yes, they had a dry roof over their head. Yes, they have food in their bellies. Yes, their pets were being taken care of in a near by parking lot reserved just for the pets. But all they could gripe about is that they haven't received any money from the State of Alabama and they have to spend their own money. Oh and on top of that, the food that's been given to them to eat for free, taste terrible. Mayor Langford of Birmingham evaluated the situation and applauded Alabama's hospitality for these evacuees and the way all the shelters have been organized. He did add with so many different types of people, you can't accommodate everyone.


Laura said...

I hope you guys can manage to keep Katie in ballet. She sounds like she is loving it!! Alise has her first lesson next Monday evening, so we'll see.

As for the sickness, Girl, just carry a doggie bag with you so you can barf when you need to.

I'll tell you a secret. This weekend I dreamed that I went to my OB/GYN and told her that I was ready to have another baby. I woke up in a cold sweat. Not sure what that dream means!?!! I'm not pregnant, I know that.

The Thorsrud Family said...

Just bring a barf bag?!?! HAHA! That was hilarious...we are praying for you relief (on a serious note:P)

Laura said...

WHERE ARE YOU?!?!?!?!!?!?