Thursday, September 18, 2008

Doug sent this to me saying it was the future for Tubby. So sad, but funny! Roll Tide!

Yesterday, Katie and I went to Walmart, which is a huge milestone for me these days. lol! I haven't been to a Walmart in probably a month. I had a list of things that we would need for our trip and I didn't want to depend on Doug to get them. Don't get me wrong, I'm sure he would have done a great job. I just knew in my mind exactly what I wanted and didn't want to put that pressure on him, in case he was to get something different. Katie loves Walmart and I probably bought more stuff for her. I needed a new toothbrush. While I was picking out one that I like, Katie pipes up and begs me for a Hello Kitty automatic toothbrush. She is terrible when it comes to brushing her teeth. She sat in the buggy giving me a hundred and one promises to brush her teeth better, if I get this toothbrush for her. I told her that we would get it for the trip, so that made her day. Of course, Katie helped me pick out the best candy and gifts for her and Alise to share. Too funny! Everything she wanted, she made sure to tell me "I'll share it with Alise Mom". I've been having a hard time here lately reminding Katie the way you say Alise's name. You see, Katie has a Barbie movie that the main character's name is "Annelise". So, Katie's been calling Alise - Annelise. Every time she says it, I've been correcting her and then she says it correctly. Laura, you'll have to forgive her next week when she's calling Alise - Annelise.

I took these pictures of Katie when we were on our way to ballet class. She loves to pose in her leotards. I have more pictures on the photosite.

Katie has discovered acorn nuts. As most of you know, we are surrounded by oak trees. This time of year, we hear a lot pings and dings from acorns falling off the trees. If you have never been exposed to the tiny falling grenades, it will make you jump or scare you a little especially if they hit the car. The first time Katie heard this, she froze and asked me "what was that?" We've been walking around in the yard just about every evening and the first time she saw an acorn, she picked it up and told me "Mom, I found a coconut". I don't know where she's heard the word coconut. After giggling over the word coconut, I corrected and told her it was an acorn. "Oh", she said. I showed her how to roll or throw them down the driveway and she thought that was the best game. I just encouraged her because Doug and I hate acorns. They cover our yard in the Fall and then the next Spring, we have to battle oak trees seedlings. Now every afternoon, we have to pick up and throw acorns down the driveway.


Laura said...

LOVED the Auburn pic!! SOOOO funny!! Loved Katie's ballerina pictures, too! I have not packed the first thing, but it looks like Katie and Alise might get their toothbrushes mixed up next week! Alise has a Hello Kitty one, too!

thekeyes said...

aww the pictures are precious and i can remember doing very similair thins with our acorns. lol.