Friday, September 26, 2008

Hanging By The Beach

Part Two

The picture above is where we stayed during our vacation. We had such a great experience there. If you are looking for a great beach vacation get-a-way, Doug and I highly recommend "The Lighthouse Condos" at Gulf Shores, Alabama. Every condo has a balcony that faces the ocean on the beachfront. So you won't have to worry, if just a portion of your balcony or none of it is facing the ocean. It is a very big building with a total of 18 floors.

Wayne and Doug went to great strengths to put this tent up, in order for all of us to be able to enjoy our vacation a little better. To defend Wayne, the wind was crazy the day they constructed this structure. Any woman would have a very bad hair day, the wind was that bad. Now, when Wayne and Doug finally got the tent together the anchors that came with the tent were not long enough to keep it to the ground. We all tried to pile the sand around the footers, hoping it might keep it still. Later, Laura told us that when she was down by the water, she looked back and could see the tent swaying back and forth.

As you can see that one leg that I'm working on was calling "RETREAT" against the wind. While the guys were playing with the girls and Doug taking my picture, Laura and myself tried to restore the tent.

Oops! I guess the wind won this battle.

I had to take a picture of this guy. Early that morning, he brought out a bag of loaf bread and began feeding the seagulls. He would actually take bread crumbs and throw them up in the air for the birds to catch. You talk about a flog of seagulls. Unfortunately, when the man left the birds didn't follow him.

I was a little surprised in the children that were there, close to Katie and Alise's age for them to play with. They both made several friends and had a wonderful time. This water that the girls are playing in was formed from ocean waves and sand, which was perfect for the kids to play in. I have to say that it was the main attraction for the small children on the beach. They shared their toys with each other. I have more pictures on our photosite.

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Laura said...

OMG!!! Just seeing that tent again totally cracks me up!!! I'm laughing right now and it's nearly one o'clock in the morning (pulling some of your old habits!)

Anyway, I need to send you a kite picture!