Sunday, September 28, 2008

Our Last Day At The Beach

Part Four

This is Wayne's famous pink flamingo kite. First of all, I felt bad for him because the wind was so bad causing him to have a very difficult time putting the kite together. When he finally puts it together the little girls flog him, wanting to hold it and I'm not talking about just Katie and Alise. The wind was just too choppy to allow the kite to stay up. Every time he would finally get it up, it would soon take a nose dive to the ground. He made the mistake of letting Alise hold the string at one time because when the kite got up, it took a hard nose dive right on Wayne's head. Ouch! Wayne, I'm sorry but I had to laugh.

Our last night, we ate at "Cosmos Restaurant" in Orange Beach, Alabama. This restaurant isn't that far away from The Wharf. It was a very nice and clean restaurant. I was really sick this night, so Doug checked out the building and found the restroom right off the bat for me. After analyzing this facility, we all came to a conclusion that the restaurant had to have been named after maybe the owner's dog.

Most of you know how Katie can be such a picky eater. Well, Wayne ordered cheese dip and it came with pita chips. I didn't think Katie would like it, but I offered her to try it at least. Would you know that she loved it? That's all she would eat and took maybe a couple of bites of her cheeseburger.

When we got back to the room, we got the girls dressed and took some more beach pictures.

I was so surprised how much Doug really enjoyed our beach vacation because he normally doesn't care for the beach (sand). Yesterday, he was talking about it again and asked Katie if she would like to go back next year. You talk about shock! I turned and looked at him in disbelief. I asked him about it and he said that he wouldn't mind going back next year. In fact, he got on the computer to see how much a rental house would cost on beach in the Gulf Shores/Orange Beach area. Wow!

Oh I have to give a quick ROLL TIDE! I fell asleep during the second half, so I missed all the action. I couldn't believe Doug when he said that Georgia scored 30 points after Bama was beating their bottom. Wow! What a game!

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