Friday, September 19, 2008

Is There A Baby In Your Belly?

Okay, I had to write this story before I forgot about it. To start off, my sinuses have decided to drain today. Needless to say, I'm thankful that I got Katie packed and ready yesterday. As far as Doug and myself, we may have to do what the Horton's are doing . . . throwing all of our clothes in a suitcase and run out the door.

Well, I had to watch my soap opera "Days of Our Lives" this afternoon. On my soaps, Phillip took Kate to the hospital because she had a bad cough. She ended up coughing up blood and the nurse took her to have some x-rays done. Katie asked me if Kate was sick. I agreed. Katie told me that Kate had a bad cough, then she starts pretending to cough. Then out of the blue, Katie asked me, "does she have a baby in her belly?" (talking about Kate). I told her no that she was just really bad sick. Katie turns to me and asked, "do you have a baby in your belly?" I asked her what did she think. "No" she responded. I asked her if she wanted me to have a baby in my belly. "Yeah" she answered. Then, she got all shy on me {smiling} and she hid her head under the pillow on the couch. I asked her if she wanted a baby, which would she want a baby brother or baby sister. I couldn't get her to answer because she seemed very shy about the whole thing.


The Thorsrud Family said...

You have a smart little girl on your hands. Time to tell her the news! Oh...I looked at a few Chinese calendars on the net. They are all half and web site says boy and the next site it says girl. I didnt realize they were different??? I was disappointed!

Laura said...

Too funny!!

We can't wait to see you guys!!!

Allison said...

I know about the shy thing all too well. Anya sometimes just says "no" as to if the baby is a boy or girl.
At first she would say she wanted a brother, but now she mostly says she wants a sister or just a baby! I'm still going through the nasal problems and now I'm fighting insomnia! Ah, the joys of pregnancy! :)