Friday, September 12, 2008

Oh My Gosh!

Ike hasn't hit the main land yet and every one's worried about gas. It's so bad here that our gas prices went from an average $3.79 to $4.10 a gallon in just a few hours. Our local reporters have found it as high as $4.50 a gallon. They are saying it's from the gas infirmaries shutting down off the Texas shore. Doug had to get a couple of gallons in order to mow our grass tomorrow. He went to BP and it was $3.99, but he said that there were lines at places like Walmart & Jet-Pep, where they sell much cheaper gas. All you hear on the news or radio is about the gas price hike. Wayne and Doug have been talking on the phone about it and Wayne reported that their gas prices are at $6.00 a gallon in OLLA (Louisiana). AAA agents have advised people that the problem is basically coming from gas stations that receive their gas everyday. Since the infirmaries shut down, apparently those daily gas stations didn't receive their usual daily delivery. This can excite some gas station owners and make them feel forced to raise gas prices because they don't want to run out. This effort from the station owners doesn't help the cause, in fact it makes things worse. The public in turn will go into complete chaos and loading up on gas because their afraid that the gas stations are either going to continue to raise prices or they will run out of gas all together. Of course, all of this is true. AAA advises that everyone just calm down and gas stations do not need to raise prices because this is considered price gouging and is against the Alabama State law, if it is in the state of emergency. They added if you don't need gas right away, don't get any because it will just add to the chaos.

I can't believe this is the last weekend before our BIG beach trip. Of course, I'm a little concerned because there are reports coming out of flooding at Dauphin Island, which is 35 miles West of Orange Beach. The flooding is from Hurricane Ike surges. Doug's already freaking out because gas prices are suppose to rise all week and we're driving to Orange Beach. I just hope it will be beautiful because I know the high temperatures around here are suppose to get down around the lower 80's. Yes, I love the Fall season because of the colors and much cooler weather.

I may have not been out and about these past few weeks, but Doug has been bringing home movies. I didn't think I would like "Transformers", but surprisingly it was pretty good. I absolutely loved "Baby Mama" with Tina Fey. Oh my gosh! I wasn't feeling very good at the time when I was watching it, but I had to laugh at a lot of the scenes. I highly recommend this hilarious movie!


thekeyes said...

oh i want to see baby mama.. i thought it looked really funny. WE have family in texas but the evacuated over to austin and are safe and sound for the most part. We don't know about their house yet but we think the storm hit more east so it should be okay. Prices for gas here are still normal thank goodness. Hope none of it messes up your beach trip!

Sister Sandy said...

We filled up our vehicles with gas last night. Price-$3.32. We have the cheepest gas in Wyoming right here in Wheatland! I checked this morning and the price is staying the far. I am so thankful that Aunt Sherry's granddaughter, Nicole is alright. Teenagers...Ya got to lov'em! Kiss Bug for us. Love, Sister Sandy