Sunday, November 1, 2009

Our Halloween Experience

I believe we all went sound to sleep as soon as our heads hit our pillows last night. I began getting ready for Beggar's Night as soon as I got up yesterday morning, around 7:00. Doug had to go into work for a few hours and we were expecting a few people over for supper. I wanted to make my new pizza creation, but I knew my dad and possibly Millard gets heartburn (along with me). So, I ruled out the "Tomato Style Pizza" (I've got to come up with a better name) and decided to make my "Chicken and Dumplings." Maryann and Kevin were suppose to come over and she was bringing her "Chili." Unfortunately, Maryann had been working for several hours at Zayne & Whitney's new house and was soo tired that all she wanted to do was hit the couch. I really didn't blame her. Needless to say, we had lots of food leftover.

After a thorough search for our Disney Princess Pumpkin Carving templates, leftover from last year, I finally gave up. Katie and I sat down at the table with a pencil and paper, designing our easy pumpkin face. This is the Jack-o-lantern face, we came up with. We thought he was pretty cute. We wanted to welcome our beggars, not scare them away.

Katie was so syked to go Trick or Treat. She began the "when can we go Trick or Treat at my school?" chants around 2:00 p.m. I couldn't get it through her head that we were going to try to go to church for the Fall Festival. For some reason, she was getting church and school mixed up. Here's a few pictures of Katie and Colton after I got them ready.

Will(pengin) & Katie(little mermaid) - Halloween 2009

Soon after supper, Peggy, mom, Katie, Colton and myself loaded up in our car and headed to Whitney and Zayne's new house. I couldn't wait to see inside. I've seen the outside, during construction. Oh, it is so pretty! Her Kitchen, Dining Room & Living Room's all one room, like ours. I absolutely love the colors in this room, chocolate and robin egg blue. I'm sure you've seen the dishes, and fabric with this color combination. She had beautiful blue and chocolate curtains to accent, perfect touch. Her Master Bathroom is so nice - garden tub and huge walk-in closet. They painted it with a warm rust color, so pretty. Lord willingly, they will move into their new house very soon.

We left Whitney and Zayne's place and visited Maryann and Kevin. They gave Katie a cute Halloween "Best Costume Trophy" filled with candy. Katie loves it. She is so proud of her award. We got to see Natalie and Denise for a little bit before they left for their costume party. They were dressing up as a Pilgrim and Indian. Too cute!

We spent so much time visiting Whitney & Maryann that we didn't have enough time to go to the Fall Festival. We were all bushed by the time we got home. I think Katie and Colton had a very good Halloween.

Today, I tried to explain to Katie about Thanksgiving. She wanting to know what we do for Thanksgiving. I guess for some children, Thanksgiving can be a little boring compared to Halloween and Christmas. I did tell her that Christmas was coming very soon and we needed to work on our gift list for Santa. Katie is so easy this year. She is in love with Polly Pocket, Barbies, doing simple crafts (paper, paint & glue) and dress up. She loves to rule play like pretending to be a doctor, nurse, teacher and animal doctor.



Laura said...

Cute pics!! I love Katie's red lips!! I'm sure she did, too!

The Mason Bunch said...

Laura - yeah, she told me that she had to have red lips because Ariel has red lips. Then, she showed me a picture from a book of Ariel and said "see!" Who can argue with that?

Anonymous said...

Colton is the cutest scarecrow I have EVER seen! How adorable! Looks like Katie was having fun too! Love, Sandy