Sunday, November 15, 2009

Family Portrait

Doug and I thought it would be a great opportunity to have a FAMILY portrait this year, with our new little family member. We invited the grandparents to come along with us to have our family picture made. I invited my sisters, live local, and their families, but there were too many conflicts. Plus, it wouldn't have been fair to have only four out of five sisters in the picture.

Since we would have to take two separate vehicles, us ladies drove the van with the children, while Doug drove the men. It was a lot of fun, except poor Colton is still teething REALLY bad right now.

I think the pictures turned out great. The kids were in such a good mood and they cooperated with the photographers so well. I was really proud of them.

After we finally got our pictures picked out and ordered, which is the worst part because I wanted them all. We all met up at "Wings" for a late lunch. I think the guys liked it there because they were able to watch all the games, while us ladies were STARVING! I don't know if the food was really that good or if I was just too hungry to care.

Today, Susan, me and children and whoever else wants to join us are going to the Cullman "Open House" this afternoon. I really hope Colton's teeth will give him rest today because Sue wants him to go with us. I know as long as someone is holding him, he is fine.

Enjoy the pictures!



Laura said...

Oh. My. God. They are SOOOOOOOOOO good!!!!!! Your mom looks GREAT, Mi!! I know you are so proud of those pics! I would be! I can see me trying to get Ruth over here for a pic! Ha! And I hope she reads this, too!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful pictures! Your kids are so cute! Yes, Mom & Dad look good, glad they did this with you guys. Sounds like you all had a good time together. Love, Sandy

Laura said...

P.S. You've convinced me to do the Innovations thing this year! I just made us an appointment in two weeks!

Allison said...

Great shots! I love Portrait Innovations.

thekeyes said...

cute cute pictures! I like the one of the children where katie is barefoot.