Monday, November 23, 2009

Thanksgiving Joke

Katie had her Thanksgiving Day party with her class and the other Pre-K4 class today. When I walked into the gym, there was a nice long table all decorated for the feast. Around the table was a large tribe of Indians, Katie's Indian name was "Princess Rose." Claire's mom told me that they make up all the names. Claire's Indian name was "Princess Underwood." I don't where in the world Mrs. Katie grabbed that one from. I took a couple of pictures of Katie sitting at the table, but I forgot to take one of her in her outfit, she made. So, I'll wait until tomorrow and take a picture of her outside. It's real cute!

Of course, I have to post the Auburn jokes online. tehe! By the way, I noticed an error I made from my last post. I wrote that the Alabama and Auburn game was this Saturday. Oops! Actually, the game will be on Friday.

Katie and I have been busy in the back yard. I want it all nice and clean by next Spring. I hope to begin some landscaping, planting of bushes and flowers. I have huge plans, but it will be up to Doug how far it will get. While we were sitting on the back patio, a few days ago, watching Katie play, we were discussing my plans and ideas to each other. I have a feeling it will be a struggle on the refurbished patio, so I need your prayers. Let me re-phrase that, Doug will need your prayers. :)


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