Thursday, November 5, 2009

Go Colton!

I wanted to let y'all know that Colton officially took a couple of steps, crawling, this afternoon. We've all been working with him now for about a week. He finally did it! Poor baby is battling a cold, so he was in no mood to celebrate like Katie and myself. All he wanted was his mom to hold and cuddle him. He seemed to have a hard time drinking out of a bottle. I don't know if it might be drainage in his ear or difficulty breathing while sucking a bottle. So, I mixed his milk up with some rice cereal and applesauce and fed it to him. He liked it much better. He didn't like me getting after him with the suction bulb and qutip, but loved the Vick's bath. I just hope it will help him. I have misplaced my humidifier. I think it's in the storage building some where. I guess I'll have to buy another one, if I can't find it.

This morning, Peggy and I took both children to the doctor's office for flu shots. Colton needed a flu vaccination booster and I wanted to see if they needed the H1N1Flu shot. I had heard reports of the H1N1 containing mercury, so I asked the nurse if they had the shot or mist without mercury. They didn't. So, I asked her what Dr. Lunsford is saying about this. According to her, he feels that patients whom are more at risk (health problems) should be the only ones to take this vaccine. On the news, doctors and scientist are telling people to go get their H1N1 shots, especially babies and elderly. I trust my doctor's decision and turned down the H1N1vaccinations for my children. I'll have to risk them getting the Swine Flu then fear them becoming Autistic.

After leaving the doctor's office, we headed to Walmart because I promised Katie that I would let her get a Polly Pocket car for being good at the doctor's office. Everytime I visit Walmart's toy section, I've been looking over the Leapster 2 gaming system, Bugsby, and Tag learning systems. I'm real interested in Leapster 2. It looks like it would be good to take along on trips, waiting at restaurants, and any where that will require a long wait. Moms, I need your help. Katie likes to play video games on the computer from Disney, Barbie and Noggin. Should I spend money on a Leapster 2 for Katie in hopes that it will teach her, letters, addition, substraction, patterns and early reading skills? Does your child have this? Do they enjoy it? Have they learned anything from it? Please let me know in a comment. I would greatly appreciate it.

Oh, on a side note. I am going to try to make Cranberry Pudding. I'm probably crazy, but it looked so good on television and I like cranberries in dishes. Martha Stewart had her "Thanksgiving Special" on FLN (Fining Living Network) this morning at around 2:30 a.m. (Colton woke up). She made this Cranberry Pudding by steaming it in a pudding mold. The batter, Martha said, was similar to a cake. Doesn't that sound delicious? I would love to play with the recipe. Now, to find a pudding mold. Doug and I will be close to the Summit tomorrow, so I can check out Williams and Sonoma. If anyone's going to have a pudding mold, it would be them. Wish me luck!

I've been waiting for the big moment and Lord willingly, it will happen tomorrow. Our Christmas tree is 14 years old and is looking a little rough (wear from setting and packing it up). Well, Hobby Lobby has their Christmas trees 50% off this week. I would like to get one that is a little fuller than the one we have, you can practically see the pole on the inside. I'd be interested in getting one that's pre-lit, but Doug perfers one with LED lights instead of regular Christmas lights. Ugh! Pray for me!


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