Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Jesus Party

I wanted to share this real cute Katie story.

Katie and I were looking through our new Oriental Trading magazines that I received through the mail yesterday. I told Katie that Jesus' birthday is coming soon and if we should have a birthday party for him. "Sure," she replied. "I've already had my ballerina birthday party. Now, we can have a party for Jesus." I asked her what kind of party we should throw him. "Hmmm (she was thinking). How about we have a Jesus party. I think he would like that very much and we should give him a penguin on his birthday." she said. "Ok, we will." I told her reassuring. Y'all will have to stay tuned to those pictures. Now, I've got to work in the penguin some where.

Dad and mom came over this morning. Dad helped me take Montana to the Vet. Yes, I did it. After long deliberation, I felt it was best for Montana to go ahead and put him down. He had good days and bad. I felt so bad for him during his bad days. I waited to see how long it would take Katie to notice him missing. It wasn't too long after she came in the house when she finished playing outside. "Where's Montana at mom?" she asked with this concerned expression on her face. I told her that he was real sick and he went to heaven. "No, mom! But, I miss him." she said all choked up. It was making me choked up again. As we were hugging each other, I assured her that he wasn't in pain anymore and he was with his mommy and daddy. She piped in and asked if he was with his little brother. I told her that he had lots of brothers and sisters. She seemed a little confused, so I got out the pictures. I showed her a picture of Shay, Dexter and all the puppies. Gosh! It seems like yesterday when Montana was born. I knew he was very special the first time I set eyes on him. Well, Doug and I started our life together with a dog, Dexter & Sassy, my cat. Now, look at us. We have zero animals and two beautiful children. We started with animals fulfilling our life and now children. Isn't it funny how life goes on? Oh well, back to reality. We are in no way, going to adopt any animals any time soon. I have all the responsibility that I can handle right now, the plates full if you know what I mean.

Katie's not happy with me right now. She's not mad at me, but she sure isn't happy. She made the mistake of asking me what we were going to do tomorrow. Well, we are going to Dr. Lunsford's to get H1N1 vaccinations. "What?" said a very sad little girl. "But, why am I sick?" she asked. I assured her that she wasn't sick, but we had to get some more nose spray. She absolutely hates the flu mist, but hey it beats the shot. She says it burns. I get the spray as well and it might sting a little. So, I guess for a little girl, yeah it burns. Thinking it might make her feel better, I told her that Colton would have to get a shot. Nope. It didn't help. I told her that if she cooperated and got the spray, I'd take her to Walmart and let her buy a Polly Pocket car. She's been wanting this car for a long time. Actually, I was going to get it for her for Christmas, but I guess not. Please pray for me because the last time she got the flu mist, me and nurse had to hold her down. Ugh!

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Laura said...

Good luck with that shot thing! Alise still needs a hep A booster and she knows it, too, because every now and then she asks me about it. Ha!

So sorry to hear about Montana!

Can't wait to see ya'll in 2 days!