Monday, June 28, 2010

Just A Little Update

Swimming Lessons
Just a few photos to share with you from Katie's swimming lessons.  She was so sad that they ended.
Katie waiting to go to Swim Class

Katie practicing kicking those fins

Katie practicing her reaching technique
I was so proud of Katie on Friday. She swam a very short distance from the edge of the pool to Mrs. RA without any help or flotation device. For a reward, RA let her swirl around in the whirl pool for a little bit. Katie said it was so much fun.

She had been begging to swim at her aunt June's for a few days. So, I thought it would be nice if Doug could watch Colton, while Katie and I spent the day together. We had a great mommy and daughter day. After our last swim lesson, we had breakfast together, rented a movie and headed over to mom and dad's to go swimming. Katie did so good jumping into the pool and swimming without help. Now that she has learned to hold her breath well, going under the water that is all she wants to do.

Colton Gets His Hair Cut

Colton getting his hair cut professionally

I was so proud of him, he sat so still

Prayer Request
My friend, D, that I've asked for prayers isn't doing well at all.  Treatments were stopped week before last because of her physical condition.  She is currently in a lot of pain and can't keep anything down.  So, it was felt that the treatments had to put on hold until her physical body could try and gain some strength.  She told another friend of ours that she has peace and knows that it is in God's hands. Please continue to keep her in your prayers.

My mother spoke to my great aunt Mary the other day and she sounds very weak.  She is home from the nursing home and glad to be back home.  She will be celebrating her 100th birthday very soon.  Mom, dad and Maryann will be visiting very soon.  I know aunt Mary will be so pleased to see them. 

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