Tuesday, June 15, 2010

"Oh Lord, Please Help Me!"

Prayer Request
My cousin just contacted us this morning to let us know that she heard from my great aunt Mary's daughter-in-law. Mary's home from the hospital this morning, but is too weak to celebrate her 100th birthday. Thank you for all the prayers. 

Great Finds
If you have a Movie Gallery close by you, you probably already know that they are going out of business.  It has made Doug and myself so sad because it was the main movie rental place, we would rent our movies.  As you probably know about me is I don't really care to go to the movie theaters.  Doug practicely has to drag me to the theater or it would have to be a movie that I really really want to watch.  Anyway, Movie Gallery has all of their movies and games on sale.  We were out riding around the other day.  While waiting to pick up our pizza order, Katie and I walked around the store to see if there was anything we had to have.  We picked up a Blu-ray of "Marley and Me" and "Made of Honor" both for $20.  While we were being checked out at Movie Gallery, the clerk and I were talking about the closure.  I asked him what happened to make them all of the sudden go bankrupt.  He agreed with me that they were doing great.  That is until the company decided to buy out Hollywood Rentals.  He added "that's when everything went downhill."

Doug and I tried out Redbox this past weekend.  I was pleasantly surprised at the quality for the price $1.07 each movie.  The only bad thing is it's a one day rental.  I got to reserve the movies, "The Young Victoria" and "Tooth Fairy" online and it had an option to rent the movies for an extra day.  The closest Redbox to us is Walmart and Walgreens.  So far, I like the Redbox because the online option.  You can see what they have in stock and go ahead and reserve the copies, you want.  So nice!  No lines or leaving empty handed.  They also have Blu-ray available for $1.75 per copy. 

Gymboree is getting ready for Fall because a lot of their past styles are 70% off.  There are some really cute outfits for 70% off the original price.  CLICK HERE for Gymboree savings.

The Children's Place sent me an email message advertising that they had a lot of their Summer clothes on sale. There are select items for $3.99 each. You'll have to check it out.

Katie & Colton Story
As of today, my official nickname for my children are "Diva" and "Flash".  Can you guess which name matches which child?  As Colton gets a little older and better at running, he is as quick as lightning.  I have to be extremely quick when it comes to getting groceries in or out of the fridge and cabinets.  It's like a blurr when his hands get in there and grabbing stuff.  If he can successfully grab any object, without me catching him, {with a smirk on his face} he'll run just as fast as he possibly can. 

When we use a cooler during the weekend, we have a bad habit of leaving the cooler in the house and just take the drinks out of the cooler instead of the fridge.  This habit we're going to have to stop.  I placed the cooler up underneath the Dining Room table, so Colton wouldn't be climbing on it.  Well this afternoon, Colton decided to pull this very full (of melted ice) cooler over.  Yeah, he is our little Hercules.  The cooler was a small Igloo, but still.  Of course, most of the water poured out onto the carpet.  COLD ICE WATER!  As soon as I put the cooler outside, I went grabbing towels to clean up all of Lake Erie in our Dining Room.  Very humble and sincere, Katie folds her hands, looks up at the ceil and says, "Oh dear Lord, please help me!"  LOL!  Trying to hold back the spurts of laughter, I told her that she is listening to mom way too much.  'Cause when things get a little stressing around here and I feel like I'm living in a zoo instead of a house, I pray A LOT. 

Have you ever seen the new Snickers commercials with Aretha Franklin?  That is Katie all over at times!  I love the new Snickers commercials -

Father's Day Crafts
Katie worked on her Father's Day crafts today, in between her studies.   
Katie colored some really nice coloring pages, we created some Father's Day coupons and each greeting card with a story to each one. After she finished her picture, she would tell me what's going on in the picture and I would write it down. She also insisted on writing Colton's name inside each card.  I'd spell his name out and she'd write it down.   

Movie's In Review
Tooth Fairy with Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and Julie Andrews was a sweet children's story with a great moral to the story.  Just because you don't see it doesn't mean it's not real.  Keep your childlike faith and the belief in your imagination alive. 

The Young Victoria with Emily Blunt was interesting to watch and very entertaining for me.  I've always been interested in the Royals, most of my life.  Doug says I'm crazy for watching something like this, but I enjoyed watching it.  Isn't it amazing how history continues to repeat itself, especially when it comes to corruption in any administration?  It doesn't matter who you are, where you live or where you work, there's always at least one rotten apple ready to infect the barrel full of beautiful ripe apples. I thought the romantic story between her and Prince Albert was sweet, despite the fact they were cousins. 

I compared the storyline with her biography and it seemed to be fairly accurate.    


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The Thorsrud Family said...

Yup, one bad apple is all it takes. If you put 1 bad apple with 4 good apples? It'll ruin it! I try to remember that, within reason. We don't have ANY cable at all right now. Haven't since we moved in. I like to protest, but I am missing watching a few shows. Maybe by fall we might break down and get a converter. I just get so disgusted with so many shows, but I do miss a few! DIY, FOX, CMT, FOOD.