Monday, June 21, 2010

My Little Mermaid

Katie's Swimming Lessons
Today was the first day of Katie's swimming lessons with Mrs. RA. Bless her heart, she was a bundle of nerves. She was so excited, but nervous. Poor baby was on the couch and I noticed her tearing up. Taking it serious, I sat down beside her and asked her what was the matter. With her lip stuck out, she said "I wish you could watch me swim." {Awww!} The past couple of years at the old facility, I've had to drop her off and come back in a half hour to pick her up. I didn't know what to expect at the new facility, so I promised to get there a little early and watch for a few minutes. She felt better after my pep talk.

Oh my goodness, the new facility is AWESOME! After looking around the outside and inside pool area of the Aquatic Center and I fell in love. It's too bad, I'm not exactly in bathingsuit shape. I didn't get to check out the weight room or any of the other accomodations, but WOW I was amazed. Katie begged me to stay a little longer and let her play on the playground by the pool. HAHA! I had a hard time explaining to her that the slides were part of the pool. She's never seen anything like that, her eyes were HUGE. Plus, we are not members . . . yet. A friend of mine, Shelley, is a member and she said that they are only paying for membership during the Summer months at $75 a month. Talking with Maryann and Whitney last night, they told me that they offer family rates at $65 a month. I told Maryann, I'd love to join for the weight room when Katie starts school because they have a secure daycare center available. Doesn't it sound great to drop off Katie at school, take Colton to daycare and workout for about an hour a day. We might have to see if it can happen.

As soon as we met up with RA, she took us to the inside pool area, which was so nice. Guess what? Colton and I actually got to stay in the atrium area by the pool and watch Katie swim. Us there made her so happy. She did good swimming with RA. RA kept the flotation device off of her during most of their training. I guess she felt Katie was ready to swim without the device, with her keeping it off of her most of the time. She put it on her to practice her reaching with her arms. I think she liked the flippers on her feet. LOL! She looked like a little fish flopping around in her flippers and goggles.

I posted a few months ago about finding out that we had a local swim team and how I think Katie would love to be a member. She LOVES the water and she is doing so great swimming. I mentioned it to RA this morning and she seems to think Katie will do well. I asked her when she thinks she'll be ready to be apart of the team. She wants to work with her for a couple more years. She feels that Katie should be ready for the team when she turns 6 years old. She said the coaches want the children ready when they can swim a full lap, which she feels Katie is almost there. I got to see some of the team practicing in the outside pool. RA told me that the coaches are there every morning and she wants me to go talk with them about Katie. Hopefully, I'll get a chance to talk with one of them tomorrow. Wish me luck.

Bathroom Update
The painting is finished and all the rods and holders are hung. When I went to hang up my picture frames, I noticed one important detail that I didn't notice when I purchased them. One of the frames didn't have a anchor on the back of the frame. Ugh! On top of that, it was my favorite of the two frames. Hobby Lobby still has their frames 50% off, so I'm going to see if I can find something else. If I can't, I'll just make this frame work. I really like my metal design above the toilet, so I'm going to see if I can find something else to go above the light switches. Needless to say, I don't have any of my decorations hung yet. I did find a valance that I thought would go well. The fabric seems to go well with the shower curtain. I think I'm going to have to break down and put blinds back up. I was hoping to put up all curtains, but my window is so small that I can't find anything that will really go well.



I hope you can see the color wash, I took a close enough picture of it.

Lessons learned - don't purchase curtain rods where you have to apply adhesive or possibly glue on it in order for it to stick to the wall. Why I say this you ask? Well, Doug had to use a hammer to knock off the bases of the curtain rod. It took forever to knock it off the wall. Doug hit it so hard that I just knew he was going to knock a hole in the wall. My newly painted wall. Ugh! The only damage the wall suffered was a little ripped drywall. I applied compound, sanded and went to work painting. No big deal.

Father's Day
I hope you had a wonderful Father's Day yesterday. We were fortunate enough to go to two different places to celebrate with our dads. First, Katie and Colton spent a little time with their daddy before we went to church. Katie's card was so touching to Doug, a moment that will be treasured. I wanted to get a picture of my dad with the kids, but I don't think he and mom were feeling too good.  So, we'll have to take that picture at another time.

Bunny in Papaw Millard's yard

Baby birds just hatched



Laura said...

Your bathroom looks great! Totally different, I think!

Alise's first swimming lesson starts today at 4:00 and I didn't say anything to her about it. It's probably going to wig her out so I'm glad I'm not going to be there. However, on cheer nights, I work through lunch so I'm leaving work at 4:00 today and hopefully catch the last part of her swim lesson. Then it's off to cheer practice AND she swam this morning with her class, so she's going to be one tired little girl tonight!

Katie is cracking me up in those pictures! If she likes the Toy Story characters, I saw that Target had them for $5 this week. I may have to promise Alise a "consolation prize" after today!

The Mason Bunch said...

Laura, oh we already know about the Toy Story dolls. She had to have the talking Jesse for her party with her friends the first of the month. We saw the sale $24.98 for Woody & Buzz. I haven't gotten them yet because Peggy and Millard were talking about getting them for her and Colton to give for her birthday. I figured Walmart would have lowered their prices because of Target, they are still $34.98.

I'm sure Alise will do great in swimming lessons.

The Thorsrud Family said...

I LOVE IT! Very nice job!