Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Are You Ready For "Eclipse"?

Twilight Series: "Eclipse"
Today's the day Twilight fans! 
Twilight's third movie comes out at noon!  If you are the dedicated fan and plan on waiting in line to watch the movie, you've got to leave me a comment and let me know how good it was.  I really hope they stick with the books' storyline. 

The Carmike here in town are showing 5 matinees, 3 evenings and 1 late show at 11:20. I guess they want to be prepared.

Kids Story
Our diva's imagination has taken her through a cycle of possible career choices. For instance, a couple of weeks ago she was a teacher and swim coach.  This past week she's been a special agent. It's been fun watching her. She'll sneak around with her pretend glock looking for bad guys and clues. Bless her heart, the only thing is she can't stop smiling or giggling while on the job. LOL! Last night, her career choice changed once again. I thought I was going to fall out when I found her in the bed with daddy. Doug had this smirk on his face. Asked what was going on and he informed me that she was giving him a "Makeover". Oh really. I don't know where she got the word "makeover", but she oblivously knew what it meant. She fixed Doug's hair, trimmed his mustache and even brushed his chest hair. Poor Doug was trying to watch the baseball game, so he told Katie that she needed to help me. She gave me a full makeover with makeup and new do. I can't wait to see what she'll be today.

Doug and I wanted to get Flash a ball pit for Christmas last year, but never could find any to stay in the house.  As you know, all the stores are exploding with "Toy Story 3" toys and stuff.  Walmart had a few TS3 ball pits, I debated on getting it.  Then, I thought what if we decide we want to get it for him again.  So it ended up in our buggy some how.  It's so cute and the kids love it. 

I gave Katie a talking to about how she should take care of stuff and especially this ball pit.
and here I was worried about Katie tearing it up.

Colton sees it as a game . . . to attack Katie when she's in the ball pit

My beautiful Stargazer Lilies are in full bloom

They give out the sweetest smell all throughout the house.



thekeyes said...

beautiful flowers!! i cant wait to see eclipse but i am waiting cause the screaming little girls drive me nuts lol. i hear its the best so far. im waiting to see what hey come up with for he last one though.

Mama Grits said...

So cute! Glad to have found you!