Saturday, June 12, 2010

Picture Day

VBS Photos
A few arts and crafts, Katie did in class during VBS.  She brought home a new craft every day.  We'll have to find a perfect spot outside for the bird feeder.   

Everyday was a different theme - Saddle Ridge Ranch T-shirt day (2 days), Hat day, Denium day, and Bandana day. She had an opportunity to go to the Aquatic Center, but we had company coming over for supper. 

My aunt Sherry and uncle Roger were in town and we wanted them to come over for supper. We had a very nice Country Boil with crab legs, shrimp, corn on the cob and potatoes. My nephew is allergic to shell fish, so there was also fried chicken, potato salad and green beans. For dessert, I whipped up some brownies for Hot Fudge Brownies. Kim Ann brought a Strawberry Angel Food Cake and Lemon Bread. Everything was so good! I think everyone went away satisfied.

I've been trying to get Katie to just try boiled shrimp, but I never could get her past the smell.  LOL!  Well last night, I guess she thought she was missing out on something because she asked me for a taste of shrimp.  Yay, she liked it!  She ate a small serving of the shrimp.  I was so surprised because children will eat fried shrimp before they will boiled.  Well, she wanted a late night snack before going to bed.  Doug fixed her a plate of shrimp.  He didn't de-vein and apparently left a shell on one of them.  We heard her gagging in her bedroom. Doug went to check it out and came back to tell me that she won't eat anymore shrimp.  Ugh!  I went to check things out.  She told me the shrimp was scratching her throat.  That's when I knew what happened.  I explained to her about the shell, while Doug checked all the other shrimp for shells.  My great efforts came to an end.  Katie had a bad experience and won't try them again, for a long time. 


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