Friday, November 26, 2010

I Made The News Y'all!

We were in Best Buy looking at the Wii consoles because they were priced very reasonable - $169. I've always wanted a Wii system, I think they are so fun. While we were there, I guess we counted 3 or 4 different news medias waiting around with their cameras. Well, we made the news on Channel 48! After the news reporter makes her spill, the camera pans to the right. You'll see me and Doug reading the Wii boxes. I'm wearing a blue jacket and my hair is pulled back. LOL! When Doug told me later that we made the news, I didn't believe him until I saw it for myself.

I guess it's been five years since I've done a Black Friday. Peggy and Millard kept the kids for us over night, so we were up and ready by 4:00 this morning. The temperature was around 50 degrees when we left the house. By the time we got to the stores, it was 34 degrees. Can you say BRRRRR? You talk about freezing. It was raining and the wind made matters worse. Doug and I sort of knew what we were looking for when we headed out. We knew that it was going to be crazy, so we took our time. We got to Best Buy around 5:30 and I suppose the crowd thinned out by then because it wasn't that bad in the check out line.

We debated on going inside Walmart, but it wasn't that bad either. They had some GREAT DEALS on Blu-Ray movies. I got "Julie/Julia" in Blu-ray for $5; "The Backup Plan" for $10; "Did You Hear About the Morgans?" for $5. It wasn't a Blu-ray, but I got "17 Again" for $1.96. Doug got "Predator" in Blu-ray for $5. They had HDMI cable regular $35 for $10. I couldn't get over it. Taking our time because the Iron Bowl didn't start until 1:30, we got a LOT of Christmas gifts knocked-out. To top it all off after we finished shopping at Walmart, we didn't have to wait in line to checkout. AWESOME!

Martin's had a lot of their Bama stuff on sale. Their button up dress shirts for $21, plus $5 off at the register. I found some Tervis Tumbler mugs with handles for the loved ones that like to drink coffee. I think it makes a perfect gift.

We had enough time, when we got home, for me to take a short nap before the Bama game started. I have to say the first half of Bama vs. Auburn has been WOWing, I just it continues the rest of the game.


I hope you had just as much fun this Black Friday as we have had.



Anonymous said...

I braved black friday! My sister and I hit BestBuy this morning (or last night I should say). We got there at 10pm to get a TV they had on a doorbuster sale. Good think I love me sister, because it was so COLD! It got to about 40 and that is cold for Phoenix LOL
I got a Wii this year too. I love it. I have hopes for picking up a Wii fit as well :)
Hope you all had a happy thanksgiving!!

Laura said...

OMG!! That really is ya'll!!

your friends the keyes said...

lol your a movie star.. !!! that's funny they panned right to you all.