Friday, November 26, 2010

Prayer Request

Prayer Request
I have a couple of updates on the prayers I've asked that I wanted to pass along to you.  (I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday)
  • Michael underwent an angioplasty this past Monday at a hospital in B'ham.  Everything went well and he did good, considering.  He has blockage, so the doctors want to do by-pass surgery.  They had him go home later this week to get strong and HEALTHIER for the upcoming surgery.  He is not eligible for stints.  After two weeks, his doctor wants him to schedule the surgery.  Michael told my sister that he sees the error of his ways and wants to change for the sake of his family and himself.  Please pray for God's guidance, direction, encouragement and mercy for Michael.  I know he and his family would greatly appreciate it.
  • I've mentioned my cousin Tanner a few times.  This past October was suppose to be his last chemo treatment (after 2 years of it).  Unfortunately, I just found out that his doctors told him that he would have to undergo the treatments for another 2 years.  Ugh!  (Laura, he is the teenager that is a NO Saints fan).  My uncle Bob called my mother the other night to let us know that they had to take Tanner to the hospital again.  His poor body is so susceptible to any and all illness at this point.  He seems to stay sick.  Anyway, he had a temperature of 106 degrees.  Of course, he's family is nothing but an emotional basket case.  Thank you for so many many prayers.  Please continue to pray not only for Tanner's weak body, but strength for his family and friends. 

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