Wednesday, November 3, 2010

A Little Update on the Children

Colton Story
He has become a great helper. Sometimes, I think he is too good of a helper. He's favorite thing is to throw stuff away in the trash. Oh boy! I have to really watch him when I see him throwing things away. There has been a time or two when he throws his sippy cup away just because he is out of milk. I've even had to fish out a couple of toys. I think Doug put the idea in his head about throwing away toys. LOL!

New Project
We hope to paint and re-decorate our Living Room, Kitchen/Dining Room and hallway before Christmas.  I've already started working on it.  I've removed the border and most of the wallpaper in the areas.  I've got a color scheme in mind, but it's not set in stone.  I never realized how hard this could be to pick out that perfect color for such an open area.  I would like to go with warm neutral colors, but I don't like too yellow and orange.  Ugh!  Pray for me.

Katie's Report Card
We received Katie's first report card for the first Trimester.  We are so proud of her.  She has been truly working hard and making an effort to succeed.  She gets mad at me when I tell her practice makes perfect.  Yesterday, she reaped her rewards.  According to her report she has mastered the skill/concept of the following: colors, left/right progression, rhyming words, initial sounds, writing her name correctly, write in upper/lower case letters, recites the days of the week, shapes, extends simple patterns, groups object by numbers 0-10, identifies numbers 0-10, plays & works well w/others, respects adults, peers, and school property, listens attentively without interrupting, she knows 26 out of 26 uppercase letters, lowercase letters and attaches sound to letters and she can count to 39.  YAY!!!!  With guidance she can identify opposites, progress as a reader, identifies story elements, express thoughts on paper, recites months of the year, correct usage of math vocabulary, displays self-control/controls talking, works neatly, works independently, stays on task, organizes self, materials & belongings.  She received no "unable to exhibit skill/concept at this time" during this trimester.  Her teacher and I can see that she is trying.  I can see a huge difference in her these past few weeks than I did when she first started school.  Afraid she might be behind because she is one of the youngest children in her class, I came up with a schedule for her.  It's an after school schedule full of reading, writing and word sound exercises.  She's been doing so good with them.  I say the first word sounds like "ch" or "sh" and she is to pick out the picture that matches the first word sound "chair" or "shoe."  I've started with consonants and plan to work on vowels  next "ba" or "ta" ("basket" or "table").  I've noticed she tries to sound out the letters more now than she did a few weeks ago.  She has her sight words to work on.  She seems to have trouble with "th" words (that, thing, think).  It's because she wants to sound out the t separate from the h, which I can understand why it would be so difficult.  We are still working on those difficult word sounds. 

Like any parent that sees an outstanding report card from one of their children, we gave her a little money and Doug got her the "Toy Story 3" movie.  She has really been helping out around here and to show appreciation, I promised to take her shopping this weekend.  Just me and her.  She's got a little money that's burning a hole in her pocket.  LOL! 

Post Election
Did your qualified candidate, that you wanted in office, win the election?  I think I'm about as pleased as I could be.  There were some officials, I had a difficult time choosing, whether it be about their beliefs or reputation.  The big one for our little town was the wet/dry vote.  This was the 7th time, I believe, this vote went public.  I guess for some the 7th time was a success or loss, which ever way you view it.  Now that we are wet, we are promised (by officials) more jobs, restaurants and merchants in the area.  The truth will soon be revealed. 


Allison said...

Try writing with a dry erase marker some basic sight words on her bathroom mirror! Anya loves that and looks them over every morning and evening when brushing her teeth. I change them out with the unit they are learning by the week/month and the dry erase markers work great on the mirror!
I don't know about the wet county thing either, but having lived in Vegas its not going to seem like a big deal to me really...but you are right that we shall see what happens with it!
Arwen does the same thing as Colton too, she loves to throw things away!
Call me sometime and maybe you guys can come play soon!

your friends the keyes said...

oh congrats on being wet i guess.. Our hometown went wet I think right before our wedding. Well it isn't wet it's damp. They have it in a few restaraunts and stuff. I don't think you can buy it in the store though. It has brought in a few more places. Did your town vote to go all wet or damp like us? I think damp is just a pre wet thing. lol

Laura said...

Cullman County wet? My, oh, my! What is the world comin' to? Good thing there isn't a Mellow Mushroom in town! Doug and Wayne know where they would find us if you guys did! Ha!!

I seriously think Katie's teacher got you mixed up with another child! Her report card does not reflect that little parent/teacher conference conversation!! Go Katie!! Keep up the good work!

The Mason Bunch said...

I voted it to remain dry, but that was my personal decision. I have to clarify that just the city limits went wet, not the county as a whole. I've been keeping up with the news since the vote and I have to say that our town officials seem to be going down a good path. Our community wants to be careful with this and avoid any problems on down the road. Our major and group that will be heading this effort are meeting with other small towns that have strict regulations on what works for them and what problems they have faced. We just don't want our special town to turn into some crime infested town just because alcohol is being sold here now. Please continue to pray for us and our town. I hope it will continue to be special and not something of fear.