Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Our Football Experience with Our Daughter

Last weekend, we (Wayne, Laura, Doug and myself) decided to take Katie and Alise to their first college football game ~ Bama vs. Mississippi State.

Alise was cracking me up. I could just tell she was in her element. She seemed to really enjoy the football atmosphere. She was cheering on the players from a nose bleed distance. Y'all, she was literally cheering. She grabbed several spectators', around us, attention. Several women were going on about how cute our girls were.

Katie on the other hand, was ready to go back to our hotel before the game even started. I figured The Million Dollar Band would grab her attention for a little bit and it did for a split second. She just seemed bored. Alise tried to get her involved by telling her to cheer and dance. Well, Katie danced around, but she doesn't cheer. It's really not her fault. Katie's never been to a football game - that she would remember. She doesn't know any cheers. Poor Alise tried to teach Katie a cheer with no success. She just does what she knows and that's DANCE. By the last quarter of the game, Doug and I came to an agreement. It's to not come up with these brilliant ideas like this again until Katie is 20 years old. LOL! Oh, I think she enjoyed seeing all the people, being with Alise, dressing up and witnessing the football atmosphere (outside the stadium).

Below are a few of my favorite pictures of our time there.  Enjoy!

Katie playing her Leapster

Daddy giving kisses

Alise and Katie posing with their Wockets

Our time at Superior Grill

Katie loved looking down onto the crowd


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Laura said...

Yes, Alise had a BLAST!! She is still talking about the game and meeting Santa Claus!!