Sunday, November 28, 2010

Is Katie Turning into a "Candace"?

Doug and I have decided that it is Katie's destiny to bust her little brother "flash" at all costs. Knowing this, we've decided to nickname her Candace. She's the older sister on the show "Phineas and Ferb". On every episode, she tries to bust her little brothers after they become mischievous in order to have an exceptional Summer vacation. I think Katie likes the idea of her being called Candace because she giggled and proceeded to tell me all the things Colton is doing wrong. All I hear, all day is "mom, Colton's in the Kitchen cabinets. Mom, Colton just hit me. Mom, Colton didn't eat all of his food. Mom, Colton just drank after me." It's unendless!

Thank goodness school is TOMORROW!  YAY!  HOORAY!  {jumping up and down}


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your friends the keyes said...

lol we don't have so much tattling but we have emma who is very bossy and tries to tell lilly what to do constantly then tries to talk her into telling me they need juice or they are hungry or whatver... instead of just asking me herself. I've had to tell her a couple times over the last day or two that lilly has a mommy and it isn't her.. lol. I'm sure the tattling has to be more aggravating though. ;-) chin up they all do some form of it i'm sure.