Sunday, March 6, 2011

Children are Great Entertainers

Our children are entertainment enough for me at times. This morning, I got tickled at Colton and Doug carrying on a conversation. I just gave Colton his pancakes for breakfast. Doug asked him if he was eating pancakes. Colton very nonchalant, told him "no" in his low carefree voice and kept going. Doug giggled and said "you're not. Well, what are you eating then?" Colton replied, "pancakes." Doug just laughed.

After church, Doug asked if we needed to go any where. I had already bought this week's groceries and supplies yesterday, so I didn't need anything. Katie didn't skip a beat, she suggested that we go to Walmart. It's her favorite place in the whole world. Doug told her that if she got a trivia question correct we'd go, but if she got it wrong we'd go home. The question was What state is the Statue of Liberty found?  He gave her two chances to guess.  Her first guess was Birmingham.  I think it's because of the Vulcan Statue.  Then, Doug gave her a clue.  The clue was it's the same place aunt Sue-Sue went this Christmas.  Right out of her mouth - "New York".  We couldn't believe it.  Looking at one another, laughing, we headed to Walmart.  Doug was astonished that she remembered where Susan went last December.   I was surprised, but not completely shocked because after looking at the pictures, Katie told that she wanted to go to NY.  This was an enjoyable trip to Wally World because (for once) I didn't need anything.  So, we went looking at Easter stuff, which all they had was treats (food) and no decorations.  We stopped over at the outdoors area and picked up Colton a lawn chair like Katie's.  Doug makes so much fun of me letting Colton play with girls stuff or wear girl stuff, if we are around the house.  So, this mama is going to buy more BOY stuff.  Of course, he spotted the sports balls right off the bat.  Thinking he was pointing to the kick balls, I picked one up for him.  Nope.  He wanted a black and white Soccer ball.  They were just $4, so I gave him one.  That's all the boy needs is another ball.  Doug can't stand Soccer, so I couldn't wait to see he's reaction to Colton's new Soccer ball.  When we met him over at the iPads, it didn't take long for him to notice it.  "What's that?"  he asked.  I explained that it's the only ball Colton wanted.  Personally, I saw nothing wrong with him having a Soccer ball.  I had two nephews and two nieces that played Soccer for years.  Doug wasn't happy at all buying a Soccer ball, but he'll get over it.  LOL! 

It seems like overnight Colton is talking up a storm.  Colton's vocabulary:
  • Bankie - Blanket
  • Meme - Mickey Mouse
  • Dink - Drink
  • AE - Katie
  • Mama - mom
  • Dada - dad
  • Paw-paw - Grandpa
  • Gama - Grandma
  • Cheese - cheese
  • No - no (his new favorite word)
  • Cookie - cookie
  • Bye-Bye - goodbye
  • TD - Television
Of course, every other words are "mama" and "no". 

Later this afternoon, Colton was taking a nap, Katie was playing and Doug and I stretched out in the recliner and couch, watching the race on TV.  Doug and I thought it would be a great time to take a little nap.  So, I went back to the bed and stretch out.  Katie followed me to the bed with her glow stick.  She wouldn't keep that thing out of my face.  It was either that or a pillow on top of my head with her laying on the pillow.  Ugh!  I guess she decided that she couldn't aggravate me good enough, so she announced that she was going into the Living Room and shut the door behind her.  She shut it so loud that it woke up Colton.  He began screaming and crying and did. not. STOP.  I tried everything to calm him down, but drastically failed.  I thought maybe driving around would calm him down.  So we all got ready and went driving.  It took him a while, but he finally relaxed.  I was so hoping that he would go back to sleep, but he was wide awake the whole time.  Doug and I are supposed to be meeting our Sunday School class for supper in a few weeks at Stone Bridge Farms.  Their restaurant is open every Thursday to the public and I've heard good things about them.  Plus, Chase and Leslie are talking about having their wedding there.  It's not far from our place, but I've never been there.  We thought we'd find out exactly where it's located. 


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